Associate Schools

We exist to take quality Biblical instruction, ministry training and mentors of the servant attitude of Christ to students on every continent on earth. We are not there yet, but with God's blessings and the generous support of Christian individuals and congregations we will get there.

Sunset has the flexibility to meet each opportunity at its point of need. We can tailor a program to help take a location from no school or a fledgling school to a quality institution with a creditable Bible-centered curriculum, taught by a highly qualified faculty, producing capable spokesmen with a spirit for evangelism and church planting in their own homeland.

Our “Associate Schools” agree to meet the standards for preacher training proposed by Sunset and adopt a comparable preacher training curriculum as the one used in the Sunset residential program in Lubbock. The Associate School is fully responsible to administer the school. Sunset may supplement some needs of the school as agreed in the Ministry Training Contract but it is our desire that these schools, for the most part, sustain themselves.

In order for any school to be a part of the Sunset organization, it must agree to adhere to specified standards of excellence in curriculum, faculty, and scriptural integrity.  By the grace of God our associations are held together as long as schools can meet these minimum requirements.

SIBI International Division uses a combination of three different methods for teaching in Sunset’s international ministry training schools:

Arthur teaching in Cuba
Classroom Instruction
Interactive Video conferencing
Interactive Videoconferencing
External Studies Material
Sunset Resources
(DVD's, Translated Resources, and Internet)

International Schools 
Our Schools (updated 1/9/2019)

Associate School Locations (54 schools in 30 nations)
  1. Vienna, Austria
  2. Belize (video conferencing to many cities)
  3. Gabarone, Botswana
  4. Curitiba, Brazil
  5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  6. Batibo, Cameroon
  7. Buea, Cameroon
  8. Quito, Ecuador
  9. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  10. Gambella, Ethiopia
  11. Jajura, Ethiopia
  12. Nekemte, Ethiopia
  13. Santariea, Ethiopia
  14. Miami, Florida
  15. Swedru, Ghana
  16. Tarkwa, Ghana
  17. Ho, Ghana
  18. Athens, Greece
  19. Cap Hatien, Haiti
  20. Bangalore, India
  21. Bidar, India
  22. Pune, India
  23. Batam, Indonesia
  24. Nairobi, Kenya
  25. Monrovia, Liberia
  26. Weala, Liberia
  27. Karonga, Malawi
  1. Dedse, Malawi
  2. Mzimba, Malawi
  3. Ensenada, Mexico
  4. Mexicali, Mexico
  5. Toluca, Mexico
  6. Jinotega, Nicaragua
  7. Managua, Nicaragua
  8. Ikot Usen, Nigeria
  9. Obudu, Nigeria
  10. Onicha Ngwa, Nigeria
  11. Enohia-Item, Nigeria
  12. Angeles City, Philippines
  13. Baguio City, Philippines
  14. Batangas, Philippines
  15. Naga City, Philippines
  16. Olangapo, Philippines
  17. Bucharest, Romania
  18. Freetown, Sierra Leone
  19. Singapore
  20. Seoul, South Korea
  21. Houston, Texas
  22. Bangkok, Thailand
  23. Kasese, Uganda
  24. Mutumba, Uganda
  25. Kiev, Ukraine
  26. Lusaka, Zambia
  27. Mutare, Zimbabwe

 Extension School Locations using Sunset Resources (9 schools in 5 nations)

  1. Havana, Cuba
  2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  3. Hyderabad, India
  4. Savannaket, Laos
  5. Calabar, Nigeria
  6. Ebonyi, Nigeria
  7. Eket, Nigeria
  8. Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Ogoja, Nigeria
Videoconferencing School Locations operating through our associate school in Houston, TX, Texas International Bible Institute (20 schools in 10 nations)
  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Hope, Arkansas
  3. Little Rock, Arkansas
  4. Cochabamba, Boliva
  5. Santiago, Chile
  6. La Palma, El Salvador
  7. San Salvador, El Salvador
  8. Guatemala City, Guatemala
  9. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  10. Silver Springs, Maryland
  1. Lima, Peru
  2. Dallas, Texas
  3. El Paso, Texas
  4. Houston, Texas (1 of 2)
  5. Houston, Texas (2 of 2)
  6. Montevideo, Uruguay
  7. Maracaibo, Venezuela
  8. Maracay, Venezuela
  9. Valencia, Venezuela
  10. Arlington, Virginia