Women's Ministry

Women Studying in Class

It’s our prayer and goal to train godly women to be better equipped in order to serve in the area of ministry.  Whether working beside their husband, being part of a mission team or serving as members of the Lord’s church, we want to offer an environment that encourages and nurtures women to achieve their highest potential of service.

Women may choose to audit classes or to take classes for credit. Several programs of study are available for women at Sunset who want to take classes for credit:

  • Women who work or have small children can enroll in a special women's training class that meets on varying nights once a month. This program is called TEAM (Toward Effectiveness And Maturity). These classes are designed to promote growth and fellowship among all women involved at SIBI; singles, stay-at-home moms, working women, full-time students, and part-time students all are encouraged to take part. TEAM curriculum is evaluated yearly to ensure that the most beneficial classes are being taught to meet the particular needs of the current students.
  • For women who work part-time or have other time constraints, a flexible program is available. These students take 20 courses over two years and receive the Associate of  Biblical Studies degree.
  • For women who are able to attend full-time, a two year, 40 course curriculum is available. Women who complete this program receive the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.

Betty, Dean of Women, with a graduate

Childcare is provided during classes at SIBI. The childcare department is a vital part of the women's program and is under the oversight of the Dean of Women.

Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS) Program - 20 Courses

The Associate Biblical Studies program is a popular option for women who study at SIBI. This part-time course of study is a great balance for women who need to work part-time or who are raising children.This program consists of twenty courses including four standard major field courses.

The following is the curriculum for the ABS degree. Women working toward their BBS will receive two class credits for maintaining a required level of TEAM attendance.

Textual Studies
Old Testament I
Old Testament II
Letters of John
Sacrificial System
Wisdom Literature
Spiritual Living
Christian Home
Effective Parenting
An overview of effective techniques for parenting. Topics include: preparing for parenting, parenting and the marriage relationship, parent-child bonding, developmental stages of children and appropriate parenting for each stage, disciplining with respect, moral development and teaching children about God, the teenage years, sex education, children and school, and parenting the adult child.
Gracious Hospitality
This course concentrates on the importance of being biblically hospitable, gives hands on guidance in the area of cooking and shares how to entertain on a small budget. This class is a favorite among the women and the mentoring they receive from Dawna Gilbert is unmatched!
Essentials in Ministry
This class is designed to cover a wide variety of ministry areas. Chris Johnson will discuss two critical areas of all ministries, dealing with stress and ministering to broken people. Libby German and Mary Nelson will discuss details concerning children's ministries for both stateside and mission field orientations. The student will receive "hands on" training as well as build a great resource foundation for future ministries. Diana Kretz will speak on the reality of being on the mission field and serving as a minister's wife. She will be sharing about the loneliness, challenges and differences in serving in a foreign ministry as well as dealing with difficult people.
Women's Ministry
Effective Women's Ministry I
This study takes a serious look at the importance of healthy thinking for women. As wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, how can we overcome unhealthy thoughts that hinder our daily walk with God? What “healthy habits” can we incorporate in our lives and how can we help others develop them as well? These questions will be answered as many others in this class.
Effective Women's Ministry II
As we continue our growth toward healthy thinking, we now want to learn how to apply this information in our future ministries/missions. This class will include a number of guest speakers (dealing with depression, challenges for a minister's wife, raising children on the field, working with our older church members, embracing those with special needs, etc.). We will also take a close look at the book by Cloud and Townsend, Boundaries.
Effective Women's Ministry III
This class is all about our role as women in the Lord's body. What has been God's plan all along for me as a woman in the church? God has place "equal vale, but not equal position" on mankind - what's that all about? These along with many more questions will be looked at and studied during this term.
Effective Women's Ministry IV
Each student will finish their two years at SIBI by presenting a “mini rendition” of a weekend Ladies Retreat that they’ve had the opportunity to prepare in this class. They will combine all of their public speaking skills into this class as they present a lesson from a completely organized retreat that they have developed. Their talk will be recorded in our studio and be a lasting memory for them as well as their class!
Public Speaking / Skill
Public Speaking I
Confidence in public prayer, reading.
Public Speaking II
Biographical women lessons.
Public Speaking III
Leading discussion classes.
Public Speaking IV
Topical speaking.
Public Speaking V
Exegetical study of Philippians.
Public Speaking VI
Exegetical lesson.
Public Speaking VII
Impromptu and organizing ladies' days.
Public Speaking VIII
Senior lessons.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies - 40 Courses

This program is the primary Sunset ministry training program, requiring two years of full-time studies.
Special speaking and teaching classes are provided in the women’s training program. Aside from this difference, the rest of the details for the Bachelor's curriculum are the same as those of the Two-Year Program curriculum.

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