Ukraine Crisis Update 3/2/2022

We have been blessed to be a conduit of God's love to the church in Ukraine. Since Friday, God's people have donated over $100,000. God has uniquely positioned SIBI with direct communication with preachers in Ukraine and also in multiple locations where families are fleeing in Eastern Europe. The money donated is already going to work to meet the needs of those who have been displaced by the violence. 

On Monday, Brandon Price, the director of the Ukrainian Bible Institute, spoke about how we as the body of Christ can pray in the upcoming days. We have posted this video on YouTube and would encourage you to share it with others.

The Arrival of First Refugees

Brandon also shared this information to help us understand what things are like for them as they try to meet the needs of Christians caught in the conflict:

Our first refugee arrived in Sopot this afternoon. Except it wasn't a refugee. It was Tanya. Tanya from Kharkov. She's not a refugee, is she? What in the world is going on here?

Katie and I met her at the train station and exchanged long hugs and a few tears. It felt so natural to see her, and yet altogether out of place.

Several others arrived this evening, two single mothers with their children. Everyone was exhausted and noticeably uncomfortable at first, but after a good meal together, our exhausted guests were able to relax. The adults visited, the kids played. It felt right despite all the wrongs happening.

Friends worked all day to prepare for their arrival. There were beds to make, food to cook, and a shower to install. Neighbors and others in the community provided a big dinner. We have felt such an overwhelming spirit to help from the Polish people, and we are so thankful to be working alongside them. Molly and Annabelle have been a breath of fresh air for us personally, and they also know so many people who want to help these Ukrainians get on their feet. What a blessing.

Unfortunately, things in Ukraine are still a nightmare. Our hearts ache deeply for those in Mariupol and Kharkov, and there are so many other cities in Ukraine that are in trouble, including Kyiv.

We have several friends who will be attempting to cross borders in the coming days, and some of them may join us here in Sopot. We are praying hard for their safety, especially while traveling.

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