Pulpit Minister

Central Church of Christ in Monticello, Florida

A small church of Christ congregation in Monticello, Florida is seeking a full-time pulpit minister. We offer a modest salary, paid vacation, a nice 3-bedroom 2-bath house with utilities paid. Our membership size is very small, around 20. We do not object to a preacher having a secondary job. We are seeking someone with good evangelistic abilities who will help our congregation grow, and who is knowledgeable in the truth. Formal education is preferred but not required. Send resume to ccoc@pobox.com.

Youth Minister (Full-Time Immediate Opening)

New Smyrna Beach Church of Christ


New Smyrna Beach, located on the FUN COAST of Florida, is a highly desirable location to live. Including its neighboring town of Edgewater, there is a population of approximately 55,000. We are just 40 miles north of Kennedy Space Center, about 50 miles northeast of Orlando, and 15 miles south of Daytona Beach. The church relocated and built a new building on 12 acres of land where we held our first Sunday Service on September 11, 2011. The church of Christ in New Smyrna Beach wants to focus on attracting younger families with children. The congregation is looking for a younger man with young children who has the energy and enthusiasm to build a youth group in the congregation, leading them in Lad to Leaders, campfire devotionals, and other activities that build devotion to God, family, community, and each other. His duties would be to get involved with the community youth activities to create awareness and visibility of the Church of Christ and create programs within the church that would attract youth and their families to hear the Word of God. Initially, in addition to youth outreach, he would be expected to teach during normal church service hours and to preach occasionally. The ideal candidate would be between 25-40 years old, married with younger children, and whose wife is excited to participate in teaching children and ladies' classes and being a leader of women. He would be a graduate of one of the church's Christian Colleges or Schools of Preaching and have 5 years of experience and references that can attest to the qualifications of this candidate and his family. Please see our website which contains more information about the congregation.
Compensation is $65,000 -$80,000 depending on experience

If interested please contact
Ted Kuzma
email: tedkuzma5@gmail.com

Full Time Preacher

Jay church of Christ

Full-time preacher in young and growing congregation.

No experience required.

Email "Jay Church" to jayflcoc@gmail.com

Or contact Oscar Locklin at ojlocklin@gmail.com


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