Solar Field Report - Zimbabwe, July 2014

Solar Mission:Send the Light

Targets for Phase IMy recent trip to Zimbabwe was mainly for the distribution of the solar players.  The primary avenue of distribution was through the faculty and students of the Mutare School of Preaching.  The first solar player was given to the Chairman of the Board of the school who works with several congregations to the southwest of Mutare.

Eighty players were distributed to students of the school who will use them to reinforce and deepen their training and to help them prepare the lessons they will give at various congregations especially during their ten week field practice when they will do evangelistic studies and strengthen the church and new converts.

A young preacher in Zimbabwe excited to receive his solar-powered audio player

The students and faculty see the solar player as a great tool for their work, which is why they stood in line in the hot sun to receive the solar players.

During the break at a recent workshop, I walked over to some men at the barbecue pit who were cooking for the group.  As I got closer I could hear the solar player.  They had hooked up the solar player to the car radio and were listening to the book of Genesis and it was loud enough for all around to hear.

A preacher displaying his registration and player

I was also able to give solar players to two church leaders from Mozambique who live just across the border.  They have congregations who are struggling without preachers.

The preachers in Zimbabwe are very evangelistic and are willing to travel great distances in order to save the lost and strengthen the saved.  They view the solar players as a great tool for their work.  They are very grateful for the solar players and to all who were able to make them available in Zimbabwe.

Tim Burow, Dean of International Studies

Solar Units Delivered: 136

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