Solar Update: Preaching the Gospel During a Global Pandemic

Solar Mission:Send the Light

Family in Zimbabwe listening to the Solar Player for Worship

When we began the large distribution of Solar Players in 2014, Zimbabwe was one of the first recipient nations. Our partner school, Mutare School of Preaching and its director Nhamo Marunga, led the way in helping us to put over 900 Solar Players into the hands of the right people in one of the most receptive nations in our world. After six years, most of those Solar Players are still preaching and teaching the gospel. Recently brother Marunga said this:

“When the Solar Player project started, we did not know that a global pandemic would come. We have used the Solar Players in evangelism, Bible classes, preacher training, leadership workshops, prisons, and hospitals, far and wide. In Zimbabwe, we were not spared from the pandemic and lock downs. Families are now able to listen to the songs, Bible lessons, sermons, and Bible readings from their Solar Players. What a blessing.”

Most of us in the US have been blessed to have church services, Bible classes and worship songs streamed into our homes via Internet as we “shelter in place.” Few people in Zimbabwe and other third-world countries have that opportunity.  But in the providence of God, about 13,000 precious souls in over 70 nations have Solar Players loaded with the Sunset curriculum, WBS courses, family resources, gospel hymns, and the entire Bible. We are hearing from Christians all around the world who are saying “thank you” to generous American donors who provide Solar Players to help their families worship and grow spiritually in isolation. 

Meanwhile at SIBI, we are translating more Solar Player courses into Portuguese, Creole, French, Telugu and other languages. We are preparing over 2000 Solar Players to be delivered to Mozambique, Brazil and Haiti as soon as travel is possible. Your financial partnership is vital and appreciated now to help us to see that these gospel tools are prepared to be delivered to thousands who will be blessed by them.

Please know that we are praying for you during this crisis and we are asking for your prayers for the Solar Mission, for our nation and for lost people around the world who need the gospel.

Blessings in Christ,
Truitt Adair, Chancellor 


A preacher in Mozambique enjoying a lesson on his solar player

Solar Players keep preaching the good news in spite of disease and disaster. Almost 13,000 have been given out in more than 70 nations. In towns and villages and homes and huts, the word of God is being heard loud and clear on solar players as saints and sinners alike “shelter in place.” Since international travel was canceled we have focused on follow-up with trusted leaders where Solar Players have been distributed. Stories of how God is using the Solar Mission to bless many lives in this current global pandemic have been very encouraging.

“Since the distribution of the Audio players in Ethiopia it has been a great tool. The result has been splendid because hundreds of lost souls were saved. Now, while everyone is obligated to stay home because of the Coronavirus, the Solar Player has become a popular tool to study and learn the Word of God.” 
– Behailu Abebe, Ethiopian Church Leader

“This country I love so much is having the opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ in places we could never reach before.”
– Mauro Francisco, Brazilian Preacher

“We have to be able to follow up with thousands of baptisms. We can’t be there in enough places and enough time, so this Solar Player is an ideal opportunity.”
– Tim Brumfield, WBS in Mozambique, Africa

“It is a great advantage for us to have this device, because it is powered by the sun and we do not have electricity here.”
– Disquissone Ndengue, Mozambican Village Elder

“Thank you so much for all the solar players you had given us. It is a great tool, an awesome gift to us especially at this time that we are quarantined at home and have much time to listen and learn about God and His love letter, the Bible. We can also listen and sing praises with this and all can be drawn nearer to God."
– John and Ellen Jumao, Philippine Church Planters

It takes $500 to put a Solar Player in the hand of a church leader in a receptive part of our world. Send donations to: SIBI, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410. Contact: or 806-789-4879, or click the donate button.


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