10,000 Solar Players Around the World

Solar Mission:Send the Light

Chris Swinford handing Ed-Mark Delacion the 10,000th Solar Player

Please rejoice with us as we celebrate a significant milestone in the Solar Mission. This summer the 10,000th solar player was placed in the hands of Ed-Mark Delacion, in the Philippines. Ed-Mark is a young professional, living in Manila who plans to use his solar player to establish a church in his home village. He also has a second solar player to help him continue to study while he is working in Manila. When he returns to the village, the studies can be deeper and more beneficial, as the young Christians grow in their knowledge and depth of insight.

Training a New Generation

One of the goals of the Solar Mission in the Philippines is to help train the younger generation. Filipino leaders have expressed the need to provide a deeper biblical knowledge to the younger generation who are growing more and more in the Philippines. Jay Dee (pictured below with his friend, Ed-Mark) has been using his solar player already and confirms that the solar players help young professionals who don’t have an opportunity to attend Bible college “to participate in the mission work.” He is so happy that the solar player “is essentially a Bible school in itself.”

Jay Dee and Ed-Mark Delacion

Paul Crites working in GuatemalaContinuing to Train Through Innovation

Meanwhile, reports continue to come in from around the world from the first 9,999 other solar players. Paul Crites with Amor Sin Temor (Love Without Fear) is a missionary in Guatemala. He has already distributed the 20 solar players he was given and is hoping to receive more. He has developed a training curriculum based around the solar player. Paul says the solar player is “one of the greatest resources we have found that we can put in the hands of a Guatemalan evangelist, church member or congregation, having very little training, allowing them to pursue quality Biblical training.” He also is bringing the light of the Word of God to those in darkness. The modern world sometimes forgets that the blind, the illiterate and the elderly around the world live in a shroud of darkness longing for the light of the Gospel to be spoken in their ears.

Completing the Mission

Though the 10,000th player was handed out recently, the mission is not completed. Sunset still needs additional funding to fulfill our goal and prepare for the next mission. Solar player distribution in the Philippines is ongoing and is  scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. We need more partners and churches to join us in this effort. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS MISSION WILL BE MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR BY A GENEROUS DONOR.
View and share the 10,000th Solar Player video below.

Jun Fuentes, a Filipino who graduated from Sunset in May, is in the Philippines planting a new church and handing out  solar players. He was recently taken to the hospital with heart and stroke symptoms. Please pray for his recovery.

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