More Solar Players to Nigeria and Distribution Passes Halfway

Solar Mission:Send the Light

Truitt and Doug with leaders on Sunday morning

Phase II Halfway Complete

With the latest trip to Nigeria the distribution of 2,000 solar-powered audio players in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Kenya has passed the halfway point.

Truitt and PaulTruitt Adair and Doug Reeves returned from a very productive and rewarding mission to Nigeria in May.  They spoke at the West Nigeria Christian College Preachers' Workshop and Graduation and distributed 200 solar players to the Nigerian preachers and church leaders who attended.  Paul Akinwale was a student at Lagos School of Preaching (1973-76) during the time that Truitt and his family served as missionaries in Lagos, Nigeria.  Paul is one of only two graduates from that school still alive.  Paul is still faithfully preaching after almost 40 years and he brought several of his converts with him, who are also now preaching in Nigerian congregations.

"Thank You Hundred Times"

Augustine Akpoke, from Nigeria, was excited about the results of the solar player he received.  He used the solar player to teach his congregations in their Bible classes. He also used it to teach a WBS student about baptism.  He just had to say “thank you hundred times” for providing him with this teaching tool.

Studing with the Solar player at home

Other Nigeria Distributions

Dan Goodyear and Tim Burow distributed 280 solar players in a different region of Nigeria. As a part of their journey, Dan and Tim were able to hear from a select few who had previously been given players. They reported 32 baptisms as a result of their ministry. Praise God!

SilvanusA Blind Man Helps People See the Light

Aweye Silvanus was one of those who received a solar player in Nigeria.  Silvanus is blind but that doesn’t keep him from sharing the Light.  When he takes a taxi on his trips to the hospital he plays the solar player all the way.  While in the hospital he plays his solar player. In his compound he plays his solar player so all can hear.  In every place he plays his solar player LOUD so everyone can hear. Silvanus also takes the player to the local High School for their morning devotional. As a result, one of the school teachers has been converted to Christ.

Truitt shaking hands with leaders in Nigeria

Following Through

Sunset’s commitment is to deliver 2,000 solar players in the four selected countries of Phase II during 2015.  Over half of the solar players have already been delivered and are in use.  The rest will be delivered before the close of 2015. As the deliveries will continue throughout the year, monetary gifts made to finish the delivery of the remaining solar players will be just as timely and helpful as gifts provided earlier this year.

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