Phase II Complete

Solar Mission:Send the Light

With a final trip in December 2015 to Ethiopia to deliver and distribute the solar-powered audio players in Amharic, Phase II of the Solar Event was completed. This special occasion concludes the year-long efforts by Sunset and our ministry partners around the world that have given and prayed to make this possible. Our prayers now continue that God will take our efforts and multiply their effect for the glory of His kingdom.

Handing out of the Solar Players is complete

New Tools for Many

Chris Swinford and Richard Baggett from Sunset accompanied Behailu Abebe and Habtu Zemech to take this breakthrough in ministry training to some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia. For years Behailu and Habtu have worked to establish churches and ministry training schools throughout Ethiopia. As an associate school of Sunset, the schools in Ethiopia train hundreds each year to spread the Good News throughout their nation. The translation work that was done for this project and the solar players now provide those hundreds of men and women with a library of Biblical teaching that they did not have in their own language previously.
Already, with only a couple of months of use, Behailu has shared with us the joy of over 130 baptisms from the ministries using the solar players.

A church in Ethiopia after receiving the solar players

4,000 Points of Light

Beginning in 2014, Sunset initiated this new ministry method of placing solar-powered audio players as points for taking the Son to the continent of Africa. Together with all of you we have placed 4,000 of these units in the hands of qualified men and women who have taken their responsibility serious and began immediately to put to work what had been entrusted to them. We will now continue to watch as we see what God will continue to do over the life of these Gospel tools to spread His word to people who go without so much.

Partnership between Sunset and the churches in Ehtiopia

What’s Next?

Over the past two years, Sunset has distributed over 4,000 solar-powered audio players. With the exception of the Amharic version for Ethiopia, the teaching has been in English. Phase III is on the horizon and it will be entirely in Spanish. Imagine with us as we look to spread the Gospel to the poorest, most remote and receptive areas of the Western Hemisphere with the Bible and Bible teaching in Spanish.

An older preacher holding the potential for so much in his hands

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Reaching the Rural World with the Word of God