Solar Update - February 2022

Solar Mission:Send the Light

10,000 Voices!

In 2009, the Christian Chronicle reported a 2002 research project by Wendell Broom and Mark Berryman which revealed that there were more than a million members of Churches of Christ and almost 15,000 congregations, located in thousands of small villages and many large cities in the 54 nations of Africa. The numbers have continued to explode and after 20 years are undoubtedly much higher now. It is believed that as many as half of existing congregations do not have a trained preacher. People are being converted and many new congregations are being established but there are not enough well-trained preachers to follow up and ground new Christians and new congregations in the faith.

Churches need preachers

Why the Shortage of Preachers?

The most obvious reason for the shortage is that we are just not training preachers in sufficient numbers to meet the growing needs. We need more quality training schools in more locations, but residential campus schools can’t reach all who need training. Alternative methods have not always been available to reach those in remote locations and those who cannot move for training. Many African congregations, especially those in small villages, do not have the resources to support a preacher. This has been a deterrent for some to enter ministry training and remain long-term. New technologies and vocational training for preachers are providing new opportunities for the future.

The Proposal: Train 10,000 Gospel Preachers in 10 Years

Ultimately, we need to train 10,000 new preachers who are Biblically knowledgeable, equipped with relevant ministry tools and vocational skills. This will help to produce evangelists who are capable of preaching the gospel, making disciples, and growing the Kingdom while providing for their families. Sunset will employ new technologies that enable us to offer Biblical and ministry training via the internet, personal cell phones, and solar players. Solar players are a critical resource in the plan to provide essential Biblical training in remote areas. This will open opportunities to train Gospel preachers who cannot come to one of our school of preaching campuses.


Tim Brumfield handing out SD cards and solar playersTim Brumfield makes regular trips to Mozambique, Africa, to represent World Bible School and the Solar Mission of Sunset. As a result of Tim’s contact with a baptized WBS student, several others were contacted, taught, and converted. All the new converts were given solar players in the Portuguese language, and some were enrolled in online studies based in Brazil, using the courses on the solar player and WBS lessons. The micro SD card used in the solar player can also be inserted into the spare SD slot in most Android phones. This allows both the solar player and their cell phone to be used as preacher training resources. One of these converts, a brother named Jordito, has become one of the most outstanding students in the online studies.


Sunset International Bible Institute and World Bible School are partnering in a plan to train preachers in Africa. WBS courses have been on Sunset’s Solar Players from the beginning but now SIBI preacher training courses will be available on the App that World Bible School is launching to reach millions of cell phone users in Africa. Other brotherhood ministries, Healing Hands, World English Institute, and Key to the Kingdom, are also part of the coalition to train 10,000 gospel preachers in Africa and provide them with evangelistic tools, sound Biblical teaching, and vocational training, when that is needed.

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