Solar Update - March 2021

Solar Mission:Send the Light

600 Million People in Sub-Saharan Africa Live Without Access to Electricity and Many Without Access to God’s Word

Access to Electricity in Africa

Solar Players are charged by sunlight and are loaded with the entire Bible, evangelistic messages, World Bible School Courses, the entire teaching curriculum of Sunset International Bible Institute and 2 hours of Gospel Hymns, (over 400 hours of Bible content). For 600 million in Africa who live without access to electricity, many of whom also struggle to read, the audio Solar Player is the perfect evangelism and disciple making tool. Currently over 12,000 Solar Players in 5 languages are in use in over 72 nations of the world. Over half of the total number of Solar Players delivered are preaching the gospel in 28 nations in Africa. During the Pandemic, when travel was restricted, Solar Players were continuing to teach God’s word to the lost and bless the saved.

Solar Players are Needed to Supply God’s Word to Mozambique

Less than one-third of Mozambique’s 30 million people have access to electricity. The national language is Portuguese and our Solar Players in that language are now fully loaded and ready to share the gospel with receptive souls in that nation.

CAO Essien Bible College, a Sunset Partner School in Nigeria, is using Solar Players for Preacher Training, Soul Winning, and Church Planting.

Emmanuel and a student
Director, Emmanuel Essien equips students with Solar Players. The home campus and four branches have a total of 120 students. He recently gave his last Solar Player to a denominational preacher who listened and was baptized into Christ.

Students traveling for evangelism
Students travel on weekends for evangelism and preaching in villages and local congregations, but more Solar Players are needed to equip the growing number of students.

Baptizing in the river
Normally their preaching and teaching results in nearly 300 conversions per year. Even during the current pandemic over 200 souls were baptized last year.

One of the newly planted congregations
Twelve new congregations were planted last year by faculty and students of the Bible College. More Solar Players are needed for follow-up with new and developing congregations.


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Reaching the Rural World with the Word of God