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Leadership is the crisis of our time. Consistently, congregations across this country recognize the challenges encountered by God’s people today. One of the greatest challenges we face involves this leadership crisis.

The majority of congregations in this country have no elders, and too many do not have enough elders to meet the growing needs of the congregation and the cultural changes within our society. Sadly, only a few have established plans to meet these challenges and prepare the next generation to lead.

Bob TurnerIn order to meet the crisis head on, the Sunset International Bible Institute established SALT (Sunset Academy of Leadership Training). As part of Mission America, SALT is designed and prepared to assist congregations across this country in four major areas:

  1. Seminars and Workshops with SALT Certification: SALT conducts seminars and workshops that allow congregational leaders to become certified by Sunset in areas such as: Organizational Leadership, Creating Vision, Strategic Planning, Character Development, Biblical Models of Leadership, GRIT (conviction, passion, and perseverance), Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Leading Change.
  2. Regional Training Events: Beginning in 2020, SALT will host training events in various regions across the country. These events allow congregational leaders throughout a specific region an opportunity to access information that will strengthen their own leadership and prepare the congregation to equip the next generation of leaders. These events will discuss current issues faced by leaders while providing biblical and practical answers.
  3. Leadership Consulting and Mentoring: Sunset has an experienced staff that offers consulting and mentoring to leaders on issues and situations encountered in their local congregations and communities.
  4. Tools and Resources: Sunset offers tools and resources that assess congregational needs. The assessment is designed to equip leaders by understanding the congregation’s makeup and utilizing the congregation’s strengths in making disciples. Sunset also provides free online resources that assist congregations to further strengthen and develop their leaders. Below, you will find various courses that can be downloaded to use for teaching classes on leadership in your congregation. Additional curriculum and other resources are constantly being added.

Find all of the Resources along with the saltTalks and saltCast at

Feel free to contact Bob Turner, Director of SALT at for further information.


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Lessons from SALT

background for salt's lifeline pageThe Sunset Academy of Leadership Training (SALT) is designed to be a resource for churches of Christ in biblical leadership development. The need for training leaders within the church becomes more evident each day. Congregations need a program that strengthens their current leaders and prepares the next generation to lead. At SALT, we want to help congregations with this need. 

Over the past year, we have developed tools that equip congregations in areas of leadership development. Online lessons can be downloaded to teach weekly classes that focus on training leaders. We recently introduced our weekly saltCasts. These podcasts feature interviews with various leaders who serve within the church. Through these discussions, we explore avenues to help leaders learn more about a number of critical topics. Another resource is saltTalks. Speakers are invited to share information that will assist leaders in various areas related to their specific role. Later this year, we plan to publish our first saltJournal. The saltJournal is a publication designed to provide scholarly articles focused on biblical leadership principles, leadership issues in the 21st century, and a host of other related topics. Look for this publication in the near future.