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Graduate Studies

Sunset International Bible Institute has been training men to preach the gospel since 1962. Thousands of faithful servants have received certificates and Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degrees  for which they studied every verse of the Bible and numerous related subjects. The undergraduate studies at Sunset and other fine institutions of the Bible prepare men well with the biblical and academic knowledge required for a lifetime of ministry.

With such quality training, why would there ever be a need for further education? Although undergraduate bible training is thorough regarding bible knowledge, there simply isn’t enough time to cover every aspect of ministry that graduates will encounter in local churches. A great many challenges will arise in local ministry where bible knowledge alone is inadequate for complete solutions. Ministers must be able to apply that knowledge in myriads of real-world situations.

With this in mind, Sunset Graduate School is determined to provide practical, real-world ministry training. Our Master of Biblical Studies in Practical Congregational Ministry was developed to go beyond a knowledge of the biblical text and prepare ministers for the actual, day-to-day work of ministry. We address such topics as church leadership, relationship development, conflict resolution, and congregational politics in order to give ministers a head start with skills to thrive in long-term congregational ministry.

In order to make practical training a reality for as many ministers as possible, we have made the Master of Biblical Studies very affordable. With a tuition rate of just $75.00 per credit hour, Sunset Graduate School is less than half the price of common tuition prices. With a total cost of $2,700, we believe that our program is one of the best bargains in higher education.

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Kerry W. Williams
Dean, Sunset Graduate School

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