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Pulpit Minister

Church of Christ at Borger


We are excited to announce that we are looking for a new pulpit minister to join our staff. Our previous minister who served here for 9 years is retiring from ministry and is in good standing with us, and we are in good standing with him. However, we are a growing congregation and have many young families with an abundance of children who are feeding our thriving youth group every year. Our vision for our church is to “Love God, Love People, and Change the world!” We are serious about living out this vision and everything we do revolves around these ideas.
We are seeking someone who can not only join our staff as a team member, but who can join our congregation as a beloved new family member. The ideal candidate will have a deep love for people, full of life and energy who can be as dedicated to our vision as we are. The successful candidate will be a servant hearted man who has a deep walk with the Lord, and who enjoys discipling new members and helping older members grow in their faith.
Also, we do understand that your family isn’t employed here, and so we have no specific preset rolls for your spouse and family, but they are encouraged to volunteer when they can and where they like, just like any other member. We do offer an attractive pay, vacation and health insurance package commensurate with experience. If you are interested, we eagerly wait to hear from you.
Job Overview
The Pulpit Minister will serve under the leadership of the Church of Christ Eldership. This role will serve as the face and voice of the congregation, by bringing the Word of God to life for the congregation and community.
Duties of the Pulpit Minister include (not limited to):
1. Accountable to the elders
2. Prepare and preach lessons from the pulpit. Lessons should connect with a wide variety of age groups and offer practical instruction
3. Prepare and teach Bible Class lessons
4. Work with the elders/deacons to set goals, determine priorities, establish programs, use timelines, etc. to help the church accomplish its mission.
5. Provide counseling services to couples, families and individuals demonstrating warmth, confidentiality, and sensitivity
6. Provide direction and supervision to the church’s evangelism / outreach effort
7. Work with our youth minister building our young youth program to feed into the youth group in the years to come
8. Assist the congregation by:
a. visitation of prospects/members
b. visiting members in hospitals
c. performing weddings
d. performing funerals
9. Seek opportunities to evangelize our community
10. Participate in elder meetings, provide updates on ministry

Qualifications to include:
1. Two/four year Bible degree or equivalent experience.
2. Strong faith and commitment to the call of serving the Lord as a pulpit minister and evangelist.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills both verbal and written as well as a demonstrated ability to lead.
4. A proven evangelism and ministry track record.
5. Happily married w/ faithful family.

1. Advise the Elders of any special problems, issues and/or conflicts within the congregation.
2. Spend an appropriate amount of time each day in personal Bible study and prayer for personal spiritual growth.
3. Have self-improvement/career goals for the year and review with eldership.
4. Attend all scheduled church services and fellowships.
5. Develop sermons/plans/themes for preaching which are consistent with mission statement and direction of eldership.

The Church of Christ at Borger is a wonderful and vibrant congregation of 150 – 200 attendees on Sunday morning, 3 elders and 9 deacons. We are proud to be part of the Texas Panhandle in the small town of Borger. There are about 14,000 residents and located about 40 miles North of Amarillo Texas and is on the Canadian River.

To apply, submit a resume and a link/file with (2) two sermons to borgerchurch@gmail.com (Attn: Elders), by no later than November 1st, 2022.

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