Sunset Says Farewell to Truman Scott

Our dear brother, Truman Scott, has gone home to be with his beloved Father, Brother, and Comforter. 

Truman and Ferne Scott

In his early days of ministry, his heart led him to Italy to do mission work.  He knew the Padens and others in the post-war missionary work in Italy.  From there he moved to California to preach to and shepherd the Lord’s people.  Many will remember him in those settings.

For those of us here at Sunset, we have our own special memories.  He rejoined the Padens here at SSOP in 1985.  He took the wheel as Dean and co-worker with Cline and later to Truitt, our Director and President.  In that role he took the school into deeper waters.  It was he who was in on the name change to SIBI.  It was he who wrote one of our mottos, “The purpose of SIBI is to train whole men to preach the whole gospel to the whole world, wholeheartedly to please God.”  It still says who we are and what we are about.  It was he who emphasized a wholeness of person and family as never before in the school.  The Taylor-Johnson test will forever be tied to his name.  It was he who counseled many a person and couple.  It was he who taught popular classes like Minister’s Spiritual Life.  It was he who gave many marriage and leadership seminars in our churches around the country. 

It was then that he and others began to see a bigger international effort from SIBI.  He was instrumental in getting the international schools going in the early 90s.  It started with a few and began to explode in number.  But even when he and Ferne moved on to Oregon in 1998, he continued to recruit faculty and staff for new schools.  While he’s been in Oregon, he has served as a consultant to the school, confidant of Truitt, encourager of faculty and staff here on site, and writer of such iconic books, such as “The Gray Eagle,” a biography of our beloved Cline and “Preach the Word,” a 50 history year history of SIBI.   

We believe that the Lord granted our beloved Truman extra “Hezekiah years” so that he could accomplish more than any of us could have wished for.  We treasure him as a missionary, elder, entrepreneur, administrator, friend, mentor, teacher, and brother.  We treasure him as a profound shaper of the school as it now is and of many a student as they turned out to be.  Truman, we congratulate you on your graduation to the heavenly home, and we look forward to joining you there.  It has been our honor to know you.

A Memorial Service for Truman is scheduled for Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at the West Main Church of Christ, 1701 W. Main, Medford, Oregon. 

Your written memories of Truman and encouragements to Ferne can be sent to Sunset (, where they will be printed in a “Memory Book” for Ferne and family.

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