20th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Bible Insitute

The 20th Anniversary of Ukrainian Bible Institute

Twenty years have passed since Sunset International Bible Institute was invited to partner with others to meet the urgent need for quality ministry training and Bible study in the former Soviet nation of Ukraine.  The fall of the Berlin wall was monumental and ushered in a new era of openness and freedom for the satellite nations of the U.S.S.R.   Many nations began to declare their independence from Russia and the desire for freedom.   In the west, Christians realized that a door had opened and many new opportunities lie ahead.  The gospel message, once forbidden in the Soviet Union, touched the hearts of the Ukrainian people and the response was an unexpected surprise as hundreds came to know Jesus Christ as their savior.

Sylvester Raka Allah

Sylvester Rakah Allah

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. “  Psalms 9:10

Solar Player Deliveries Continue

Each solar report tries to convey the excitement, thanksgiving, and praise that resulted from each delivery trip. This report concentrates on just one of those trips: the journey to El Salvador and Costa Rica made by Luis Melendez and Brandi Kendall. Luis recently returned to the United States from serving as a missionary in Costa Rica. Brandi currently serves as SIBI’s Dean of International Studies for Asia.

Filling Pulpits

Jared Sloan, Senior Sermon 2017

Mexico City Relief

Lalo Rocha, '09, lives and works in Mexico City. He is also an AIM Coordinator and minister with the church in Mexico City. He has been providing updates on Facebook.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief
Sunset is collecting funds for disaster relief in conjunction with the Westbury Church of Christ in Houston for food, water, bleach and necessary supplies. We will begin addressing other needs and follow-up with those helped later. We will update regularly.

A New Start of School

2017 Faculty Retreat

Solar Players Around the World

“Never in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined having a tool like this.”- Leonardo Rojos of Venezuela, after receiving his Solar Player.

After almost four years of placing solar players in the hands of people around the world, it is no wonder that God has used these devices like seeds cast across the face of the earth to bring people into His Kingdom. There are truly more stories from what God has done than we are able to tell in any report, and that is just from news we receive back. Though we know where we placed all of the Solar Players, where God has taken them is greater than any ministry could imagine.

European Vision Workshop

European Vision Workshop

We invite you to join us for the 2022 European Vision Workshop, October 4-6, 2022 in Rome.

The world suffered during the pandemic and now the evils of war are a major impact on Europe. This year we want to take the opportunity to encourage our Christian family and proclaim the power of God’s word. In the midst of the suffering, we have witnessed many new opportunities to praise our Father and share the love of Christ with the world.

Make a Change in the World Around You

School of Missions Change Your World


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