September 2019

DiscipleTrips in Guatemala City

We met this Guatemalan grandmother on a DiscipleTrip in November 2018. She was peddling homemade tortillas with her grandchildren outside a popular chicken restaurant. We were in the area handing out invitations to an OPEN HOUSE for the church. I was partnered with Nicole Fitzgerald, a former missionary to Honduras. I walked over to pass out flyers to people in the parking lot and when I returned, I couldn't find Nicole.

Takin' It to the Street

“Take this message to my brother

You will find him everywhere

Wherever people live together

Tied in poverty's despair”

handing out glow sticks during street preaching at night.

August 2019

Pan-American Lectures in Cuba

The final Pan American Lectures was held on a cruise that departed from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and traveled down to Havana, Cuba. While in Cuba, the Pan American Lectures group made up of almost one hundred people, visited the historic 10th of October Church of Christ in Havana. This congregation has been in existence since the late 1930s. On that evening local members of the church in Havana joined with the Pan American Lectures group for an evening of worship, fellowship and celebration of faith between American and Cuban Christians. Praise to God!

-Arthur Puente

July 2019

Tribe in Panama Learns of Jesus

The solar players have been taken to many nations around the world. I personally have had the opportunity to take about eight hundred of these devices to eight nations in Latin America. One of those trips was to Panama where we visited an Indian tribe and gave them solar players. In the photo, I’m with the chief of the tribe.

Mozambique Cyclone Idai Relief Fund Report

Thank You for Your Help and Support!

Falling Church    Idai devastation

June 2019

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

The original plan was to have a couple of people from Sunset visit Puerto Rico and distribute solar players to every congregation. One of the missionaries in Puerto Rico, Jim Gullette had made all the arrangements and everything was ready. But before the plan could be implemented other visits by two hurricanes named Irma and Maria changed everything. Tom Rucker and Doug Reeves arrived in Puerto Rico ready to hand out the players, but they were “distracted” by the overwhelming needs of the people.  So they stored the solar players in a safe place and devoted their time to clearing debris, replacing roofs and repairing houses. The plan to distribute the solar players would need to wait until another day. 

May 2019

New School Signing in Philippines

Lifeline 2019 - What God Has Done

A brother in Brazil prays during communionWHAT GOD HAS DONE!

“Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works in man’s behalf.” Psalm 66:5

April 2019

Leadership Retreat in Ikot Usen, Nigeria

Every year the CAO Essien Bible College in Ikot Usen, Nigeria organizes a seminar for preachers and leaders in Ibiono area.  This year there were 120 in attendance. 

Lifeline 2019 - A Lifetime of Adventure

Adventures in Missions (AIM) continues to train young men and women for a lifetime of service in the Kingdom of God. AIM started in 1973 with a call for young people to serve the Kingdom of God with their gifts and abilities. Today, AIM still trains the young adults to establish themselves as servants for God with the goal of serving God for the rest of their lives.


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