The Arrow that Saved a Life and Countless Souls

Donna with Solar Player

A few years ago, Donna Barbour was on the back patio of her home in the Texas Panhandle when she was struck in the neck by a stray arrow that, by all logic, should have killed her, but instead would eventually save her life. The narrow point arrow was shot toward the north by a young neighbor practicing with a powerful compound bow, but the missile ricocheted, went back south, across a couple of fences, through bushes, trees and hanging baskets. It lodged in the right side of Donna’s neck.

September 2020 European Vision Workshop

The 2019 European Vision Workshop“The fellowship was exceptional.”  “We enjoyed hearing from the exciting ministries that are happening.”  These are some of the comments we receive from those who attended the 2019 European Vision Workshop.

Tim's First Year

Article imageAs I come to the end of the first school year in which I have served as president of SIBI, I am reflecting on some of the things that have impacted me during this time, and yet I can’t help pondering upon what has impacted all of our lives this year. To be sure, my year was interesting, but whose wasn’t?  In common, we face a pandemic; social injustice; bigoted hatred and murder; political and religious polarization; wage decline, and job loss. Perhaps you are tired of hearing about such things. Perhaps you think we haven’t yet heard enough. It is in such moments that I need reminding that as impactful as such circumstances might be, our God is above all our circumstances, and we do well to also remember His ongoing work in and through us. 

Starting Another Year of Ministry Training in a New Way

SIBI will begin classes on August 10th but in a modified way. We encourage you to watch this video from SIBI's president, Tim Burow, who gives the rationale for where our upcoming classes are meeting.

August 2020 One Year of the Passing of Brandi Kendall

Brandi Kendall preaching in chapel

August is typically the month most academic institutions make preparations for a new school year. This is true for Sunset, but this year will be different without one of our coworkers Brandi L. Kendall. On August 3, 2019, Brandi received his reward. 

A Queen’s Request

You Are Invited to a Live Stream Memorial Service For Ms. Bobbie Paden Saturday, August 15th, 2:00 p.m.
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Ms. Bobbie left this world to be with her Lord and with Gerald on April 30th, 2020. Because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions her memorial service was delayed. Truitt Adair & Tim Burow, along with Ms. Bobbie’s children, will lead the live stream service from the Sunset Church of Christ Flagroom, which was very significant in the life and ministry of both Gerald and Ms. Bobbie. In person attendance will be “family only” due to current Covid restrictions. The obituary can be viewed on the Combest Family Funeral Homes website at or type/click the following link to go directly to Ms. Bobbie’s Obituary page. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in Ms. Bobbie’s memory to Sunset International Bible Institute.

Three New Face & Two Goodbyes

Tommy & Peggy BaileyGod has blessed Sunset with many wonderful people who work every day doing what they can to serve the Kingdom. One sad note about working with so many godly people is how hard it is when they leave--but God faithfully brings new workers to work in the Kingdom.

Parting Ways in Ministry

Chris and Brenda SwinfordIn 2005, Chris and Brenda Swinford returned to Lubbock as Chris received the mantle of leadership from Truman Scott as dean of International Studies at Sunset. Truman worked for many years to develop a network of schools that used the Sunset material as a model to help teach ministers within their own culture around the world. This model of training was one with which Chris was very familiar, as he had previously worked in one of these first schools, the Ukrainian Bible Institute. Chris worked tirelessly over the next few years to develop relationships with more and more schools around the world. He traveled most months of the year and found schools where Sunset could assist in training and helped to spread the gospel internationally. 

Chris’ mentor, Truman Scott, passing on the leadership of the international schoolsAfter building up the number of international schools to over 40 in 2009, Chris was invited to lead Sunset in a new way--in development. To replace him as Dean of International Studies, Chris invited his fellow missionary from Ukraine, Tim Burow. Chris changed the name of the department from Development to Advancement. He believed that beyond fundraising, the department would advance the mission and purpose of the school around the world. Over the next 11 years, Chris represented the school in countless churches across the country and around the world and also at workshops and lectureships. There was never a venue too big or too small for Chris. One of his favorite activities was to just go and say thank you to a congregation or individual who had faithfully given to support the school in some way. He often remembered the faithful Christians who had given him as little as five dollars to help feed faculty who were training gospel preachers. Chris always strove to represent the school with faithfulness and honesty. He believed that the integrity of the organization would bring more blessing than anything else he did.

2020 Cline R. Paden Gray Eagle Award

Gray Eagle The Cline R. Paden Gray Eagle Award is an award that is presented to an outstanding alumnus at our Sunset Vision Workshop. It is named for the founder of the Sunset International Bible Institute and is meant to honor his memory by honoring those special members of our alumni who carry his spirit within them and serve the Lord’s Kingdom in an extraordinary way.

Mission Heroes & Solar Players

Emmanuel Essien with one of the men who was baptized after listening to the lessons on the solar player.In Nigeria, the name C.A.O. Essien is as legendary and familiar to our brethren as Alexander Campbell is to those who know about the Restoration Movement in the United States. Essien requested a Bible correspondence course from a church in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1950 and began to preach the Gospel he had learned.


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