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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Preaching Minister

Northwest Church of Christ


Northwest Church of Christ is seeking a full time preaching minister…

Northwest Church of Christ is a 200-member congregation seeking to grow the kingdom of God in Glendale, Arizona and the Phoenix metro area.  

On Sunday mornings, we enthusiastically worship with songs of praise and desire to hire a Preaching Minister that will inspire our hearts and challenge our thinking on a weekly basis. 

We believe in the authority of the Word of God and its ability to transform lives.  We seek a minister that is rooted in the Scriptures, who will guide us in applying Biblical truths to our daily actions and decisions. 

We know that the Spirit is living and active.  We are looking for a man of prayer that thirsts to hear from God and patiently waits for answers. 

Finally, Northwest is a congregation eager to serve both the body and our community. We’re looking for a minister to participate in leading the way. 

Specific Responsibilities Include:  weekly preaching, involvement in planning and teaching adult bible classes, active involvement in small group ministry, providing counseling for members (marital, bereavement, evangelism, etc.) and outreach to the community. 

Interested parties should send a cover letter expressing interest and a resume to office@nwest.org.  Links to video or audio sermons would be helpful as well.

Associate Minister for Spanish

church of Christ in Falls Church

Church of Christ with English and Spanish assemblies seeks bilingual pulpit minister. Applicant would serve as primary pulpit minister for Spanish-speaking congregants of the church of Christ in Falls Church, Virginia, who assemble, worship and study the Bible primarily using Spanish language. Perform all duties and functions ordinarily carried out by a minister of the Gospel for congregants and worshippers, including Bible classes and pastoral care. Serve as primary evangelist for the Spanish speaking congregants. Perform limited but similar responsibilities for the English-speaking members, congregants and worshippers. Coordinate joint assemblies. Serve under the leadership of the church’s Elders. See https://www.facebook.com/iglesiadecristo.fallchurchva. QUALIFICATIONS: Fluent in English and Spanish. Baptized believer, who is not a recent convert. Degree in Bible or Ministry from accredited higher-level Bible college, seminary, school or institution. Meets qualifications as a deacon. See 1 Tim. 3:8-13. Three years' experience is a plus. Church will make application for religious visas, if necessary.

Send resume and cover letter (including email address) to Church of Christ in Falls Church, P.O. Box 1036, Falls Church, Virginia 22041. Questions: 703-820-1346 or email: office@fallschurchcoc.org.


Ice Lake Church of Christ, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Ice Lake Church of Christ is seeking a full-time Minister who will assist in leadership and equip the church so that we may grow towards a richer and stronger faith in Jesus Christ. We are a small country church with great potential for growth. 
The Minister will be responsible for creating/developing ministry programs to address the needs of the congregation at Ice Lake as they arise. This call extends to, includes, but is not limited to:
Evaluating and prioritizing the needs of Ice Lake with the congregation leaders
Planning and implementing programs
Recruiting, training and delegating tasks to qualified individuals
The role of the Minister will be defined as the needs of Ice Lake change. Regular leadership meetings will keep the Minister informed and involved in the process of defining the ministry involvement.
Specific Responsibilities:
Preaching - A regular preaching schedule will be developed that will allow the Minister to have appropriate pulpit time.
Teaching – The Minister will be expected to coordinate and participate in teaching functions.
Counseling – The Minister will be expected to make himself available to compassionately assist the members when needed
Staffing –the placement of qualified and capable personnel to staff church ministry positions. The Minister will work closely with the leadership in this aspect of ministry at Ice Lake
Experience – preferred and a graduate of a Christian Bible School.
Residence (Manse) available.

Contact - please send interested responses to either:
Mail: or E-Mail
Ice Lake Church of Christ cofcicelake@gmail.com
408a Robertson Rd,
Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0,

Youth Minister

Mt. Carmel Church of Christ

The members of the Mt. Carmel Church of Christ are seeking a Youth Minister to work with our growing
This person will expect:
a. Working with the Elders to develop goals and objectives for the Youth Group
b. Assessing the Youth Ministry needs and developing curriculum, programs and activities to meet those needs.
c. Providing Bible-based teaching for the Youth Group
d. Serving as a motivating, inspiring and engaging teacher/leader to our students on a regular/weekly basis plan for the spiritual
development of our students.
e. Modeling, teaching and mentoring our students by creating a climate that is safe, supportive and cultivates spiritual growth.
f. Addressing specific personal and spiritual needs of students as they arise through one-to-one or small group meetings, hospital
visits, school events or other connections appropriate to the circumstances.
g. Will include opportunities to participate with pulpit sermons.
h. Assisting Children's Minister and Pulpit Minister as opportunities present.
i. Connecting with our community

Family / Pulpit Minister

Mt. Carmel Church of Christ

The members of the Mt. Carmel Church of Christ are seeking a minister with strong pulpit and teaching responsibility.
Our family has a diversity of age groups with a growing children and youth group.
We desire a brother who has many of the following:
--Dedicated to Christ - student of the Bible - motivated - energetic - enthusiastic - leadership - teamwork - facilitator.
Provides spiritual direction and teaching to strengthen believers
Godly example for all
Challenge and motivate for stronger faith and deeds
Initiate ideas to move faith into actions -----
Drive organization to reach and teach
Assist and offer direction for the Education Program
Assist and offer direction for Youth Program ---
Available and attentive for needs of family –
Available and knowledgeable for contacts from community.


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