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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Pulpit Minister

Circle Church of Christ


The Circle Church of Christ, 2020 Circle Blvd, Corvallis, Oregon, is seeking an experienced Pulpit Minister (PM) who is knowledgeable of the Scriptures and has been gifted to preach, teach and equip the Church for discipleship and service. The PM shall be a devoted follower and disciple of Jesus and is passionate about helping others to live and grow as disciples as well as also making other disciples of Jesus. The PM’s life shall demonstrate a passionate faith in God, a strong commitment to the Lordship of Christ, the leading of the Spirit and the authority of the Scripture. The PM, under the oversight of the Elders and as a member of the Ministry Team, will work and support the vision and mission of Circle Church of Christ.


• Pulpit Preaching
o Prepare and deliver scriptural sermons
o Preach the majority of Sunday services
o Will share preaching duties with other Ministers and Guest Speakers

• Teaching
o Teach Bible classes, seminars, workshops as assigned

• Discipleship, Evangelism and Community Outreach
o Lead in modeling and equipping members to be actively discipling others
o Participate in developing/leading community outreach efforts
o Promote outreach efforts with an evangelistic focus

• Family Care
o Participate in coordination and visitation of sick and shut-ins
o Provide spiritual guidance and counsel for members and others regarding their
spiritual wellbeing
o Officiate and perform weddings, funerals and other activities as requested

• Administration
o Serve as staff team leader to coordinate office activities and other items related
to providing the Church with an effective service center
o Actively participate in meetings with the Eldership and staff to facilitate
effective communication and coordination of objectives and activities
o Prepare bulletin articles, as scheduled, and ensure a quality publication
o Maintain reasonable office hours as agreed with the Elders and ministry staff
o Coordinate with Elders and staff when absent and maintain availability, as
circumstances warrant, on days off

• Four-year Bachelor’s Degree preferred with a preference in Biblical Studies.
• Experience in lieu of formal training may be acceptable
• Preferred candidates will hold a Graduate Degree in Biblical Studies, Christian
Ministry and\or Preaching.
• Demonstrable experience in ministry and preaching
• Knowledge and appreciation for the Restoration Movement to restore the New
Testament Church and the legacy of Churches of Christ

• Position Title: Pulpit Minister
• Works as a team member under the leadership of the congregation’s eldership
• Member of Ministry Team – works closely with Campus Minister, Ministry Intern(s)
and Office Administrator
Coordinates and works closely with Deacons and Ministry Leaders
• Salary: Commensurate with training and experience
• Benefits: health, Retirement and annual training/education allowance

• Interpersonal Skills – Approachable; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses
diplomacy and tact in tense situations; puts others at ease
• Biblical Knowledge – Proficient Biblical knowledge and ability to apply Biblical principles
to current culture
• Communication – Clearly conveys information and ideas through a variety of media in a
manor that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message
• Continuous Learning and Development – Possesses a deep desire for continuous personal
growth; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities (e.g. personal study,
reading, conferences, seeking counsel with the Elders and other Ministers)
• Leadership – Effective Servant Leader. Models the vision of the Church and Eldership and
motivates others to take action in support of the vision.
• Planning and Organizational Skills – Establishes courses of action to ensure that work is
completed efficiently. Ability to prioritize, schedule, maintain focus and follow through to
• Work Standards – Sets high standards for excellence and quality; assumes responsibility and
accountability for successfully completing tasks and objectives. Self-motivated, takes action
and goes beyond routine requirements.

Pulpit Minister

Church of Christ at Borger


We are excited to announce that we are looking for a new pulpit minister to join our staff. Our previous minister who served here for 9 years is retiring from ministry and is in good standing with us, and we are in good standing with him. However, we are a growing congregation and have many young families with an abundance of children who are feeding our thriving youth group every year. Our vision for our church is to “Love God, Love People, and Change the world!” We are serious about living out this vision and everything we do revolves around these ideas.
We are seeking someone who can not only join our staff as a team member, but who can join our congregation as a beloved new family member. The ideal candidate will have a deep love for people, full of life and energy who can be as dedicated to our vision as we are. The successful candidate will be a servant hearted man who has a deep walk with the Lord, and who enjoys discipling new members and helping older members grow in their faith.
Also, we do understand that your family isn’t employed here, and so we have no specific preset rolls for your spouse and family, but they are encouraged to volunteer when they can and where they like, just like any other member. We do offer an attractive pay, vacation and health insurance package commensurate with experience. If you are interested, we eagerly wait to hear from you.
Job Overview
The Pulpit Minister will serve under the leadership of the Church of Christ Eldership. This role will serve as the face and voice of the congregation, by bringing the Word of God to life for the congregation and community.
Duties of the Pulpit Minister include (not limited to):
1. Accountable to the elders
2. Prepare and preach lessons from the pulpit. Lessons should connect with a wide variety of age groups and offer practical instruction
3. Prepare and teach Bible Class lessons
4. Work with the elders/deacons to set goals, determine priorities, establish programs, use timelines, etc. to help the church accomplish its mission.
5. Provide counseling services to couples, families and individuals demonstrating warmth, confidentiality, and sensitivity
6. Provide direction and supervision to the church’s evangelism / outreach effort
7. Work with our youth minister building our young youth program to feed into the youth group in the years to come
8. Assist the congregation by:
a. visitation of prospects/members
b. visiting members in hospitals
c. performing weddings
d. performing funerals
9. Seek opportunities to evangelize our community
10. Participate in elder meetings, provide updates on ministry

Qualifications to include:
1. Two/four year Bible degree or equivalent experience.
2. Strong faith and commitment to the call of serving the Lord as a pulpit minister and evangelist.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills both verbal and written as well as a demonstrated ability to lead.
4. A proven evangelism and ministry track record.
5. Happily married w/ faithful family.

1. Advise the Elders of any special problems, issues and/or conflicts within the congregation.
2. Spend an appropriate amount of time each day in personal Bible study and prayer for personal spiritual growth.
3. Have self-improvement/career goals for the year and review with eldership.
4. Attend all scheduled church services and fellowships.
5. Develop sermons/plans/themes for preaching which are consistent with mission statement and direction of eldership.

The Church of Christ at Borger is a wonderful and vibrant congregation of 150 – 200 attendees on Sunday morning, 3 elders and 9 deacons. We are proud to be part of the Texas Panhandle in the small town of Borger. There are about 14,000 residents and located about 40 miles North of Amarillo Texas and is on the Canadian River.

To apply, submit a resume and a link/file with (2) two sermons to borgerchurch@gmail.com (Attn: Elders), by no later than November 1st, 2022.


Sterling City Church of Christ

Preacher Needed

The Church of Christ in Sterling City TX. (Founded in 1906), is in in search of a full-time preacher. We are a small community of about 1000 people with an attendance of approx. 50-60 members.
We have been financially stable through feast and famine and can offer a competitive salary. In addition to salary, we provide a 4-bedroom 3 bath home and all utilities paid.
This community offers us the ability to grow our members with the right man in place. If you are a preacher that is willing to preach the Bible and can do so with respect, love and patience, we would like for you to contact us. We believe in speaking where the Bible speaks and remaining silent where the Bible remains silent. Applicant will be expected to be a part of the community and participate in things such as FCA and have a presence at the nursing home. We currently have a strong number of youth and would like to continue our growth in this area. This community is a wonderful place for a family and provides an excellent school system where scholarships are provided for EVERY child that attends.
Thank You.

Please contact

Tommy Wright at 325-895-0446 or feel free to email resume to tleewright67@aol.com


Newport Ave. Church of Christ

Ministerial Job Announcement for Newport Ave. Church of Christ

The Newport Ave. Church of Christ in Bend, Oregon, is a congregation of 35 people located on the Deschutes River in beautiful central Oregon. Bend is a small city of approximately 100 thousand people located in a scenically stunning setting that offers world-class outdoor recreational opportunities.

The congregation is seeking a preacher/minister with a B.A. or higher-level degree in theology or a closely aligned academic field. The congregation would consider financial and other assistance to an outstanding undergraduate-level candidate pursuing an advanced academic degree. Salary and compensation will be commensurate with education and experience.

The Newport Ave. congregation is seeking a talented, visionary theological leader who is progressively oriented and free from the restraints of traditionalism. He will be expected to connect with community leaders for the purpose of understanding the needs of the Bend community and how the congregation might address them. Although the congregation does not have elders currently, we are engaging in the process to establish leaders. This is a congregation with the ability to financially, emotionally and spiritually support a new minister desiring to come to our community to share in the work and growth of our congregation.

Please send application materials, including a resume, the names/contact information for three references, and a sample of a video or audio sermon to:

Newport Ave. Church of Christ
554 Newport Ave.
Bend, Oregon 97703

Digital application materials can be e-mailed to: churchofchrist@bendbroadband.com.

Inquiry pertaining to this announcement can be directed to Frank Parker at fparker1324@gmail.com or by telephone: 541-977-2803.

This announcement will remain open through Sept. 1, 2022.

Youth Minister

Fairview Heights Church of Christ

Youth Minister Position

The Fairview Heights Church of Christ, located in Fairview Heights, IL in the metropolitan St. Louis area, is seeking a youth minister to serve our congregation. We desire a man to work with our youth, and is willing to occasionally preach and be involved in congregational ministry efforts to reach our community for Christ. We are a church family with three elders, a preaching minister, and a part-time associate minister who works with our senior members. If you would like the opportunity to serve with a group of loving Christians seeking to share Christ with their community, please send us your resume, references, and a short philosophy of ministry to: joe@fairviewheightschurch.org or Fairview Heights Church of Christ, 9955 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights, IL 62208 (Attention: Youth Minister)


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