Those who begin ministry training do so with varying amounts of experience. Many come to Sunset with little, if any, practical training. The classroom experience provides knowledge, but only daily work in actual ministry situations puts knowledge into practice and enhances the minister's maturity. Sunset strongly believes additional training, practice, and mentoring from mature ministers and church leaders is important for those leaving our halls.

The Internship program places SIBI graduates in congregations that are not only biblically-centered and spiritually focused but that have a heart for mentoring new ministers to greater levels of ministerial skills and maturity.

The intern works under the oversight of a minister that has a broad and healthy ministry history.  During the one to two-year internship, the mentor will 

guide the intern through a wide variety of educational and experiential ministry settings.

When the internship is completed, the intern will be better prepared to serve the church as a preacher, teacher, evangelist, and spiritual encourager.

Three Strands That Strengthen Men for Ministry

  1. The power of God at work through His Word and Church
  2. The ministry training received at Sunset
  3. The mentoring congregation 
  • The congregation, its ministry staff, and leaders can be agents through which ministers are trained and equipped.  They can provide practical ministry training that will help maximize 
    the interning minister’s potential.
  • It can serve to advance the intern’s studies, broaden his ministry experiences, and enhance his ministry skills.
  • It can assist the intern in gaining ministry wisdom and confidence in a supportive environment.


A Recent Graduate heading out to the field

Postgraduate Internships


Duration of Internship

An internship should not be less than twelve months and no more than twenty-four months in length.

2 + 1 Commitment


Incoming students are encouraged to speak with their supporters about supporting them through both the two-year residential program and a one-year intern program.  Sunset believes that this combination is an excellent recipe for ministry success.

Summer InternshipsLearn more about the Internship Program

Sunset is also interested in helping our first-year students with some on-hand ministering experience as well – by offering them a summer internship, between their two years of study. Our students, having completed their first year of study, would benefit greatly with some mentoring and focused time on the field, enhancing their overall educational experience. SIBI students are out of school from late May until early August and are available for 6 to 8-week internships from June to July.

The Summer Internship would be less structured, because of the shorter time to serve, but should be focused on various ministry activities.  Our students would need to return to SIBI and finish their studies before they are available for full-time ministry. 

The student may need some time to visit with family or supporters, shortly before or after their internship.  Therefore, each summer internship may need to be adjusted on a case by case basis. If you believe your congregation would benefit from hosting a summer intern, and they are interested in mentoring and encouraging a minister in training – please contact Speedy Hart. The number of students available for this program may be limited.

class roomHere are what some congregations have said about our summer interns.

"The intern we had for the summer was a perfect fit. Our intern modeled a growing faith and a pursuit of Jesus for our students, youth minister, congregation, and for me. The intern’s pleasant attitude, a servant’s heart, and a wacky sense of humor were perfect." - Bastrop Church of Christ, Bastrop, TX

"Our intern had an impact on our kids. We enjoyed having him here." - Memphis Church of Christ, Memphis, TX

"Tom and Debbie were a blessing from the day they arrived in Salina till the time of their sorrowful departure back to school in Lubbock, TX. Their enthusiasm for the Lord was so inspiring. We could not have asked for better interns to come and serve with us for the summer." - Salina Church of Christ, Salina, KS



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