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DiscipleTripsDiscipleTrips is a short-term mission organization designed to send PEOPLE to mission PLACES to help everyone discover their greater PURPOSE.

DiscipleTrips is a ministry that works to help people connect with mission points to help provide find their greater purpose in God's kingdom.  In 2015, DiscipleTrips joined the International efforts at Sunset. If you are looking for a short-tem mission experience for teens or adults, find out more about DiscipleTrips.

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In June 2015, DiscipleTrips joined the ministries of Sunset International Bible Institute. Jeff Smith will be leading this ministry full-time as he steps down from his college ministry position with the Sunset Church of Christ. As you consider DiscipleTrips for your church, also consider supporting Jeff and the funds needed for this vital ministry. Support DiscipleTrips here or contact Jeff about helping him with support.