Baptisms in Ghana

Baptism in Ghana

Over 1,700 people gathered in Western Ghana from all across the region for three nights of preaching and teaching followed by a worship service on Sunday morning.  After the final lesson was offered each evening and after the sermon on Sunday morning, an invitation to obey the gospel was offered to those there. The preachers from various congregations in the area would walk around the crowd, personally offering them an invitation to respond. Dozens would take the preacher by the hand and walk to some chairs set aside near the speaking platform. One of these preachers was Nicholas and he is the one shown baptizing our new brother in Christ in your calendar.

Nicholas is supported in his studies by the Christians at the Broad Street Church of Christ in Mineola, Texas. They have supported him through his studies at the Ghana Bible College in Kumasi, an associate school of Sunset through Sunset International Studies, supporting him in his ministry as a church planter and evangelist in Western Ghana and are supportive of him in his efforts to study God’s Word online from Sunset to more fully prepare him for teaching and preaching. He is using Sunset’s solar audio players to assist him in his learning, teaching and evangelism. Nicholas, who is still in his early 20’s, plans to dedicate his life to taking the gospel to African villages in his home country, planting congregations and growing the congregations he serves. With the tools he gathered from Sunset and Ghana Bible College, Nicholas is changing the world.

One of the best ways to help spread the gospel in places like Ghana is through assisting young men like Nicholas in his training and equipping for ministry. Associate schools of Sunset like Ghana Bible College are the key to producing the needed preachers, teachers and church leaders for nations like Ghana. These schools rely on financial support for teachers and facilities and for giving scholarships to students like Nicholas. Your gift to international schools like this one will result in many others being born into the Kingdom of Christ.

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