Her smile is but a reflection of her kind and generous heart.  Born in Kenya, Rosemary Odhiambo made her way with her small children to Greece from her home in Kenya.  Her plan was to join her husband and begin a new life.  Four years had passed since her husband left Kenya to Greece in search of work and a means to provide for his family.  However, their plans and dreams were interrupted.  Within a few weeks of her arrival, her husband passed away leaving her alone with her children in a strange country.  Rosemary did not give up, but instead decided to pursue her dream.  She found work doing laundry, as a nanny or housekeeping, whatever she could to take care of her children and stay in Athens. 

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As time passed, Rosemary heard others talking about a place where it was possible to study the Bible for free.  She had always wanted to improve her understanding of God’s word, but such programs were expensive in Kenya.  Wanting to know more about the program, she visited the Athens International Bible Institute.  From that moment, her life would never be the same.  In 2017, Rosemary Odhiambo was awarded a Bachelor of Biblical Studies from the Athens International Bible Institute. 

Everyone who knows Rosemary will say that she has always placed others above self.  One chilly day, as she was going to church, her son tugged at her coat.  He was looking at all the people, huddled outside subway terminal that were cold and hungry.  He wanted to do something.  So they returned home, made tea and took back to the street people.  That was the beginning of a ministry that she calls Love and Serve Without Boundaries.  Rosemary organized other “Kenya Moms” to make soup, tea and bread for those less fortunate in Athens.  EVERY WEEK, with the help of the Moms, fellow students and volunteers Rosemary coordinates the distribution of warm meals for nearly 1,000 homeless and hurting in Athens.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, . . .”   Matthew 25:35

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