New Dean of Graduate Studies

Kerry Williams, Interim Dean of Graduate StudiesSunset International Bible Institute announces Kerry Williams as our Dean of Graduate Studies. Kerry is an '94 graduate of Sunset and has multiple Master's degrees and is currently a doctoral candidate. Kerry has been teaching Advanced Homiletics for the Sunset Graduate School since 2014. Kerry will continue his position at the Church of Christ in Waterford, Michigan. In November, Jim Harris announced his resignation as Dean of Graduate Studies to concentrate on his preaching ministry in Littlefield, Texas.

In conjunction with this announcement, Kerry will be offering a special introductory short course just before the Sunset Vision Workshop. Kerry will teach Theology of Biblical Leadership on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 17-18, 2017. You can audit this course free of charge. Just register as a student here. If you want to take the course for credit, you may do so by paying for the registration and completing the required coursework. Last year, almost 15 came for a similar intensive study just before the Sunset Vision Workshop.

If you are a preacher or elder that hungers for more study regarding this important topic of Biblical Leadership, take extra time and participate in this class. Then join the Sunset Vision Workshop for a celebration of all that God is doing to grow His Kingdom as we look at being Unashamed in this world.

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