Global Relief Ministry

Global Relief Ministry

Updates regarding the Ukraine Crisis

Providing water filtration after disaster

Kingdom ministries find themselves inundated by need. The Covid-19 pandemic touched the lives of so many. Ministers and missionaries found themselves on the front line fighting an uphill battle. The needs surpass the capacity of many ministries to continue aiding the hurting while teaching about Christ’s love. The need is greater than their mean’s ability to handle. SIBI desires to help you reach out to established mission points and join forces to provide aid and keep God’s blessings flowing. Your gifts will provide fuel for those on the front line to keep Christ’s light shining.

The objective of this Global Relief Ministry is to preach the gospel by meeting the physical needs that are so prevalent in today’s world.

In the past, Sunset has provided for needs in Haiti and Mexico City after devastating earthquakes; in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Houston after hurricanes; and in Ukraine during conflicts in 2014 and now in 2022. The Global Relief Ministry continues in that spirit and will strive to provide for the needs of Christians around the world, so they can continue the ministry of the Gospel.

Providing food when needed

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Due to our broad and systematic commitments in Ukraine, we do not have the personnel available to respond to the crisis in Turkey and Syria. We do have ministry partners who are already engaged in this process. If you want to help the victims of the recent earthquake, please consider contacting Healing Hands International.


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