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Administrators train from across the worldSIBI Satellite Schools are simply groups of people who gather where they live to study God's word using materials from Sunset External Studies.  Those who participate receive Biblical teaching from the excellent instructors at SIBI via video and audio courses. These professional courses are packaged with relevant reading materials as well as associated study guides.

Located in church buildings and homes across the USA and around the world, Satellite Schools allow people the opportunity to study God's word in-depth with excellent instruction adapted to their schedule and circumstances. It is not necessary for a person to uproot his or her family or to raise support in order to participate in a Satellite School.  This cost-effective method of study allows a student to study part-time and still continue with his or her normal daily activities.


Satellite Schools serve the purpose of training church leaders and spokesmen where they are without requiring relocation to the residential school in Lubbock. However, just as importantly, they also meet the needs of a grassroots movement of individual Christians who desire to be more effective servants in the kingdom strengthened by deeper Bible knowledge. The rapid growth in this ministry illustrates how effective this tool has become to hundreds of Christians seeking in-depth Bible knowledge. The statistics reported below demonstrate this fact.

Activity & Growth


Satellite Schools have been started in 46 states and in 20 foreign countries (some countries having several schools) with an estimated student body of 2,000+ audit and credit students.  New schools are being added on a regular basis contributing to this dynamic growth.


Satellite School courses can be taken at three different levels: the audit level, Level II, and Level III. Levels II and III are for credit and receive certificates upon completion. A full curriculum of 40 SIBI courses is available in Satellite Schools, equivalent to the curriculum being offered to the students in the resident school.


Satellite Schools are located in 46 of the 50 United States, as well as the following countries: Austria, Bahamas, Belarus, Bermuda, Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, England, Germany, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Trinidad, West Indies.

Further Info

For more details about Satellite Schools, including administrator certification workshops and contact information, please see the Satellite Schools site

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