Earn a Quality Master's Degree in Bible for Under $3,000 without Leaving Your Ministry

Graduate School Application

  1. Graduate School Application
  2. 3 Letters of Recommendation (If you are employed as a minister at a church, one of these should come from the eldership or congregational leaders approving your enrollment in the MBS program.)
  3. Official Transcripts for all Undergraduate and Graduate Work (may be emailed to mrt@sibi.cc)

As soon as possible we will respond to you with the conditions of your acceptance into the Master's degree program. We reserve the right to request a personal interview. 

Letters of recommendation and official transcripts can be sent to:
Sunset International Bible Institute
Graduate School
3723 34th St.
Lubbock, TX 79410
Fax: 806.793.2043

Letters of recommendation can be submitted online at http://www.sibi.cc/recommendation.
Transcripts may be emailed to mrt@sibi.cc.

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