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Deaf people need Jesus. At Sunset we are training deaf and hearing men and women accept the challenge of sharing the gospel with the deaf world. One in every thousand of the population is deaf, and deaf people are found in every nation!

The Deaf Program at SIBI is a three-year ministry training program that equips students to share the gospel with the deaf and to work with deaf Christians. It is open to both deaf and hearing students. This comprehensive program is designed to break down the barriers between the deaf and the hearing world.

Dennis Wilson teaching to Deaf studentsThe program includes much of the same Biblical instruction as the regular two-year program at SIBI but also includes courses specifically tailored to deaf ministry and communication. These include American Sign Language (from beginning to conversational), Interpreter Training (from beginning to advanced), and Deaf Psychology. All courses are taught by experienced Bible instructors.

At Sunset you will have an opportunity to come to a better understanding of the Bible, to associate with deaf and hearing Christians, and to learn in an environment where spiritual growth is encouraged. This is exemplified in the outstanding chapel service that begins each day of classes at SIBI. These chapels, and all combined worship services, are interpreted by students of the Deaf Program.

Several deaf congregations have been established as a result of the Deaf Program at Sunset. We are excited about this program and want you to be involved!

If you are deaf and are not able to move to Lubbock, contact us about our online class option.

Sunset also offers classes to become a Christian Interpreter for the Deaf.


While the exact courses offered each year are determined based on the needs of those students participating in the track, the following curriculum represents what a student in the Deaf Program can expect to take over the course of his or her three years of study:

Old Testament
Old Testament History I
This course is taught in sign language to deaf students and those hearing who may want to work with the deaf. It is taught in three terms rather than two, allowing students to study more carefully all seventeen books (Genesis-Esther). Emphasis is given to chronology, so the student will know major events, the most important people, dates, and geography of the biblical lands. Emphasis is also given to the seed line leading to the birth of Jesus as the Messiah and fulfillment of prophecies.
Old Testament History II
Continuation of the entire Old Testament, places, men, women, and promises from God.
Old Testament History III
Continuation of the entire Old Testament, places, men, women, and promises from God.
Minor Prophets
Using Jack Lewis’ two-volume study, the course is designed to help deaf students and hearing students who work with the deaf to see what God said to the people through these twelve prophets. Emphasis is given to chronology as to what is going on in world history at the time of each prophet that enables us to understand the message given. Hopefully, after learning that, the student is aided in making an application to the present day.
Textual study of the book of Isaiah.
Daniel & Ezekiel
Textual study of the book of Daniel & Ezekiel.
New Testament
Letters of John
Textual study of the books of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John.
Life & Teachings of Jesus I
Scope of the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke viewing the life and teachings of Jesus. Emphasis on the book of Matthew and the Sermon on the Mount.
Life & Teachings of Jesus II
Continuation of Life & Teachings of Jesus I. Emphasis on the books of Mark and Luke.
Acts of the Apostles
Textual study of the book of Acts.
I & II Corinthians
Textual study of the books of I Corinthians II Corinthians.
I & II Thessalonians / Philippians
Textual study of the books of Philippians and Thessalonians.
Textual study of the book of Galatians.
Ephesians / Colossians
Textual study of the books of Ephesians and Colossians.
I & II Peter / James
Textual study of the books of I & II Peter and James.
Textual study of the book of Hebrews.
Textual study of the book of Romans.
Gospel of John
Textual study of the book of John.
I & II Timothy / Titus
Textual study of the books of I & II Timothy and Titus.
Using Frank Pack’s two-volume study of Revelation, this course is designed to help deaf students and hearing students working with the deaf to learn the four major approaches to interpreting the book of Revelation. Emphasis is placed on understanding what the book said to those Christians addressed in the seven churches at the time of writing, and then an application to what it can mean to present-day readers. It is stressed that the book is a picture of the victory of Christ’s church even though persecution comes.
Deaf Ministry
Methods of Teaching the Deaf
Deaf Psychology
(For hearing students)
Evangelistic Message
Teaches techniques of organization and delivery of a Biblical text.
Evangelistic Methods
Presentation of various methods of teaching small groups and individuals.
Introduction to Ministry Studies
A course is designed to help the student improve his/her study skills and to communicate more effectively, especially in written form.
Spiritual Disciplines
The study and the application of various biblical disciplines which will assure the spiritual growth of the individual.
Christian Home
The study of marital maturity, values, insights, and skills which include communication, financial management, sexual harmony, and parenting.
Effective Bible Study
Using the books of Jude and Philippians study skills are taught which develop research and study habits.
Christian Counseling
Basic non-clinical counseling skills and insights relevant to the people-helping tasks of ministry.
The Preacher and His Work
History / Evidences
Christian Evidences
Study of historical and scientific proof of Biblical people, places, and events.
Church History & Doctrine I
Using F. W. Mattox’s book The Eternal Kingdom, this course is designed to help deaf students and hearing students wanting to work with the deaf, to understand where the various churches and their doctrines came from. It is taught in three terms, first the apostasy of the church into Roman Catholicism, second the Reformation movement, and third the Restoration movement. Emphasis will be made on the chronology of important events and major characters during these three stages of church history. Additional emphasis is given to seeing Christians went astray in the past, as a warning for Christians today not to make the same mistakes.
Church History & Doctrine II
Continuation of Church History & Doctrine I
Confident Preaching
Practical approach to confident, bold, enthusiastic, and sincere speaking by use of short, personal topics.
Topical Preaching
Research and presentation of select topics from scriptures.
Evangelistic Preaching
Practical approach to speaking compellingly.
Introduction to Homiletics
Development of the ability of logical thought and recognizing false concepts.
Preaching from the Gospels
Emphases includes Jesus' life and teachings as the foundation and motivation for Christian living, with an introduction to the narrative style of preaching.
Preaching from the Old Testament
Development and presentation of sermons from the Old Testament. Emphasis on narrative approach and using O.T. text to an N.T. reference for authoritative Christian use.
Preaching from the Epistles
Emphasis placed on preaching from a short text and a series of sermons from one of the Epistles, striving for the proper balance between Biblical exegesis and practical application.
Special Events Preaching
Development and presentation of sermons for weddings and funerals, and instructor assistance in ministering at such times.
Scheme of Redemption
A theological, doctrinal, and historical study of the Messianic seed prophecies from Genesis to the ascension.
Sacrificial System
A study of the Old Testament worship based on the Law of Moses and the concepts of sacrifice and atonement.
Church of Christ
The history of the church from the first century through the reformation and the restoration.
Christian Worship
Chapel I
Daily time devoted to study and information from various speakers and missionaries. Practicum for leading songs, prayers, and giving talks.
Chapel II
Continuation of previous.
Chapel III
Continuation of previous.
Chapel IV
Continuation of previous.
Chapel V
Continuation of previous.
Chapel VI
Continuation of previous.
Chapel VII
Continuation of previous.
Chapel VIII
Continuation of previous.

Note: Women in the Deaf Program take a similar curriculum, with the exception that the following courses are taken in place of some of the courses list above:

Survey of the Bible I
Survey of the Bible II
Survey of the Bible III
Survey of the Bible IV
Creative Hospitality
Effective Women's Ministry I
Effective Women's Ministry II
Effective Women's Ministry III
Effective Parenting
Letters of John for Women
Public Speaking I
Public Speaking II
Public Speaking III
Public Speaking IV
Public Speaking V
Public Speaking VI
Public Speaking VII
Public Speaking VIII
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