Change Your Deaf World

Abbie Wilson has Changed the Deaf World Around Her

For over 30 years, Bob Anderson and Hollis Maynard worked with training deaf ministers and preachers at Sunset. One of those students was a couple Bob had baptized in 1959. That couple, Arthur and Nancy Wilson, had two sons, Mike and Dennis, who both learned to love God through the kindness shown to their family through the Deaf Ministry at Sunset. Mike went through Adventures in Missions and graduated from Sunset in 1995 and has worked for many years with the Texas Boy’s Ranch and Children’s Home of Lubbock. Dennis went to Scotland and Indiana, through Adventures in Mission and later graduated from Sunset with his parents in 1993. He and his wife, Theresa, worked for a few years in Perm, Russia and then worked in Cozumel, Mexico, with Ciudad de Angeles, IAP, a children’s home. Recently their family has returned to run the Deaf Ministry that meant so much to their family’s spiritual heritage. In 2014, Dennis and Theresa’s son, Rex, went to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras where he and a teammate began to reach out to the Deaf. In 2015, Dennis and Theresa’s daughter Abbie joined her brother in Honduras, to work with Mission UpReach as an apprentice from AIM. During her time there, Abbie reached out even more to the Deaf in the community. She found that there was so very little attention given to the Deaf in Honduras, that most had little to no education. She continued working with those in the community and after her 18 months as an apprentice, Abbie joined Mission UpReach full-time to establish one the first school for the Deaf in Western Honduras.

God works in amazing ways and it is always a joy to see what God can do in our lives and with our families as we submit to His service.

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