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Jordon Crow with his Youth Group

Recently, we asked Jordon Crow about how well his training at Sunset prepared him to work with teens.  Jordon and his wife Emily both went through AIM and graduated from Sunset with an emphasis in Youth and Family Ministry in 2013.  He currently serves in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

How has your education at Sunset prepared you for your ministry (specifically in youth ministry)?

Sunset helped me build a foundation of faith and understanding upon which my ministry can be built. I once heard it said, "you can’t give what you don’t have." While this statement might be a bit cliché it does ring true. Sunset gives students what they need so they can give to others who are in need.  Not only did S.I.B.I give me knowledge while I was in attendance it also gave me the tools to continue growing spiritually and intellectually long after graduation.

In the past four years as a youth minister I have encountered many teenagers seeking truth. These teens want to know who God is and what He expects of them. They want to feel listened to and cared about. I have also encountered youth who are carrying around so much baggage that they can barely walk. This has happened so often in the last few months that I have begun to think of myself, jokingly, as a baggage handler. Students walk through the door with a smile on their face and sadness in their eyes looking for someone to help them with their struggle. Whether I am teaching a class on "how to know the bible is reliable" or having a one on one discussion about giving our worries over to God, Sunset gave me the tools needed to feel comfortable in these situations. 

Why should someone come to Sunset to be a Youth/Family minister?

If you would like to learn more about God in two years than you thought was possible, you should come to Sunset. If you would like to learn how to present the word of God in the most effective way possible, you should come to Sunset. If you would like to learn how culture, family, and worldviews effect the faith development of youth, you should study youth and family ministry at Sunset. If you would like to learn how to partner with families in training their children to follow the will of God, you should study youth and family ministry at Sunset.

During my time at Sunset I found myself being continually impressed by the instructors. Not only by their knowledge of scripture but also by their passion for sharing the word of God. Gibby Gilbert, the instructor for the youth and family ministry track is one such instructor. This humble man of God teaches with wisdom and understanding that only comes from experience. The experience Gibby has he shares joyfully to all those who attend his class. The role of a youth and family minister can be difficult. You are given the task of helping young people grow closer to God. This group just so happens to be going through one of the trickiest times of their lives navigating school, sports, relationships, extracurricular activities, the relationship with their parents, and their relationship with God. My time in the Youth and Family ministry track helped prepare me for this type of ministry. Learning from instructors who know what it is like to walk beside people through the trickiest times of their lives has prepared me to do the same and they will prepare you as well.

If you, like Jordon, are ready to make a difference in the lives of young people and help guide them in faith, learn more about what an education at Sunset can do for you.

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