December 2020 Baptism in Nicaragua

Baptism of Omar Rio in Nicaragua

Omar Ríos is one of our brothers from Managua, Nicaragua; we met him last summer in one of our mission trips for Latin America. He was a leader of “The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.” This group is made up of successful and hardworking men who, according to their thoughts, they promote faith in Jesus by personal testimonies without using the Bible. The same day we met Omar, we had a Bible study, initially, he did not show much interest, but then he got into the study. The Gospel was preached to him. Omar understood that Jesus Christ is the only way to find salvation through faith and obedience to the Word of God. After the Study, Omar was amazed by God's great plan to redeem us from our sins and he decided to be baptized to be forgiven of his sins. It was a joy for all of us to witness this result that God gave us. One important thing to mention is that the joy with which Omar gave his life to the Lord has been notorious to his family and friends. So far 5 people have been guided to the truth by showing obedience to the Gospel in baptism because Omar shared his faith with them. Praise God!











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