September 2020 European Vision Workshop

The 2019 European Vision Workshop“The fellowship was exceptional.”  “We enjoyed hearing from the exciting ministries that are happening.”  These are some of the comments we receive from those who attended the 2019 European Vision Workshop. 2019 was the third year that three organizations partnered to sponsor the event, Sunset, World English Institute and Partners in Progress.  Our intent is simple, to provide a forum where European missionaries can network with one another, encourage one another, and build lasting relationships that will help advance the Kingdom.  For three days everyone enjoyed a variety of helpful and informative presentations.  Keith Lancaster and Harmony and Praise led a half-day seminar to help congregational leaders enhance their worship experience.  And the keynote speakers were Tony Coffey from Ireland, Cladiu Murtaza from Romania and Shkelqim Kafexhiu “Cimi” from Albania. Our class sessions were led by speakers from Albania, Romania, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

The European Vision Workshop was a success in 2019 with 109 people attending from 18 different nations.  A total of 53 European congregations were represented.  Already we are looking forward to 2020.  

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