July 2020 Maria in El Savador

Maria a 103 year old continues to faithfully serve in El SavadorMaria Esperanza Perez, our faithful sister in El Salvador, she is currently 103 years old. She started her walk with God 45 years ago; she obeyed the gospel in baptism in the city of Apaneca, which is on the East side of the country. Since then she has been very faithful in her commitment to the Lord. From the beginning as a Christian, she showed interest in serving God and the Church, being involved in activities and ministries inside and outside the Church. In the area that she has stood out the most is in the home visits of sick people and in personal evangelism. “Sister Esperanza,” as she is known by all, is a true example of love for others, because even though the poverty that surrounds her, she has always expressed love, compassion, interest and desire to share with believers and also with unbelievers. At the present time, she has diminished in her ministry because she is blind and almost no longer hears. Now, in order to go out to visit or even go to Church meetings, she needs the help of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Praise God for such examples!










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