May 2020 Partner School Gets A Building

Partner School in India gets a Building

Indian Christians’ school of Biblical studies is a Non-profit Satyānvēṣaṇa Kēndraṁ (Truth searching Center). It is a Bible Teaching and training Ministry with the encouragement and involvement of Christians who has the basic objectives of training men and women to be well guided by the systematic instructions of all the scriptures and to discover the ministry giftedness with a purpose of helping to plant, to grow strong churches, to equip and produce Spiritual Leaders to make known the wisdom of God. We welcome students of all faiths, who are interested to learn more of God's Word, the Bible, to Live for the Creator’s glory. We offer two levels of degree courses using the training curriculum developed by Sunset International Bible Institute- Associate of Arts in Bible, and Bachelor of Arts in Bible degree courses.



Indian Christians’ School of Biblical studies Satyānvēṣaṇa Kēndraṁ has purchased the land indigenously as God enabled us, and has its own building premises situated at Putrela road, Vissannapeta. This is 70 km from Vijayawada, 99 Km from Guntur. It is on the way to Hyderabad, Vijayawada Bus route. And a near and center place to the surrounding places of Eluru, Nuzividu, Tiruvuru, Tenali and other surrounding towns and villages. We are having the facilities of the classroom to accommodate around 60 members, with two-bedrooms, with kitchen and dining hall facilities. We also thank our heavenly father who has made possible of this Center with the combined efforts of our local saints from Bangalore, especially Bro. M. S. K. Murthy and family.  We need to convey our special encouragement given by our Sunset school, and other Christians namely Bros. Venkateswarulur, Elisha from Giddalur and Bro. Bhramaiah, Hyderabad in this project. Because of the financial constraints, we have not constructed dormitory facilities and not able to provide student stipends. Hence at present, we are running indigenously, from charitable giving made by our local congregation saints in Bangalore,  a non-residential program for two days in a month, and special seminars during holidays and Vocational classes and bible quiz competitions.



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