March 2020 From Brazil to Mozambique

Minister in Brazil

Brother Mauro Francisco is an evangelist in Curitiba, Brazil. He is a sought after speaker and is a national consultant for leadership development in Brazil. Mauro understood the benefits of providing Solar players in Portuguese, not only in Brazil but also in Mozambique. He had traveled to Mozambique to encourage and educate the brethren there and to share the good news of Christ with those in the Portuguese speaking African nation. He knows how large the task of evangelizing Mozambique is and knows that the Solar player can help to reach areas where he may not ever be able to go.

Much of Mozambique was without electricity and many do not read well enough to understand the Bible in print. The Bible and Bible teaching on the Solar player removes these barriers and enables people to hear God’s Word. After a cyclone devastated the country in the Spring of 2019, much of the nation was without electricity and many were reaching out to God to help them in their distress. This has created a growing need for the Solar players. Rebuilding continues. It’s our hope that Solar players can be a big part of seeking and saving the lost as the people of Mozambique try to put their homes, businesses and lives back together. Brother Mauro hopes to return and be part of this process.   







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