November 2019

Solar Mission: Portuguese/Creole

The Solar Mission is working to provide 3,000 solar players to all of the Portuguese speaking nations and in Creole to Haiti.

Portuguese is the world’s 5th largest language with a major presence in Africa and South America and in some island nations.

This Portuguese/Creole Solar player effort can reach many people in Africa to aid the rapid growth of the church there, primarily in rural areas. It will help plant new churches in remote parts of Brazil like the Amazon River basin. In the Northeast part of that country, it will help to continue the significant growth of the church. Just as importantly, it will help to follow up with and strengthen churches that are scattered all across Brazil.

Creole is the language of Haiti, one of our close neighboring countries.

Haiti is a neighbor in need. About 40% of the population is illiterate. Poverty, lack of education and old religions still adversely affect progress. Much good is being done for Haiti in God’s name to address medical, nutritional, educational,  and economic needs. Those meeting physical needs in His name also want to meet the spiritual needs and have asked for solar players in the Creole language that they will use as a tool to reach people with the ultimate Good News of the Gospel.

Providing solar players in Portuguese and Creole is a unique opportunity to help reach many good souls in hard to reach places in Africa, Brazil, and Haiti, to help plant new churches and to strengthen many existing congregations. It can be a great teaching tool used by those who are working to relieve physical suffering in God’s name.

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