September 2019

DiscipleTrips in Guatemala City

We met this Guatemalan grandmother on a DiscipleTrip in November 2018. She was peddling homemade tortillas with her grandchildren outside a popular chicken restaurant. We were in the area handing out invitations to an OPEN HOUSE for the church. I was partnered with Nicole Fitzgerald, a former missionary to Honduras. I walked over to pass out flyers to people in the parking lot and when I returned, I couldn't find Nicole.

I went into the restaurant thinking she might be using the restroom. She was inside, but was in the “take out” line ordering a family meal. She took the food and gave it to grandma and then proceeded to pray with her. I was able to capture this special moment of COMPASSIONATE FAITH! Thanks, Nicole for seeing Jesus in in this lady and hearing Him say, “I was hungry…and you fed me (and my grandkids, too)!

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