June 2019

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

The original plan was to have a couple of people from Sunset visit Puerto Rico and distribute solar players to every congregation. One of the missionaries in Puerto Rico, Jim Gullette had made all the arrangements and everything was ready. But before the plan could be implemented other visits by two hurricanes named Irma and Maria changed everything. Tom Rucker and Doug Reeves arrived in Puerto Rico ready to hand out the players, but they were “distracted” by the overwhelming needs of the people.  So they stored the solar players in a safe place and devoted their time to clearing debris, replacing roofs and repairing houses. The plan to distribute the solar players would need to wait until another day. 

One of the many houses severely damaged by the storms was the home of a sweet sister named Iris. Tom Rucker, Jim Gullette, and Doug Reeves worked with a group from Madison, Tennessee to remove what was left of the old roof and attach a new metal roof.  Iris said, “now I will be able to sleep in my own bed and not on the floor.” For over two months she had been sleeping on the floor of the only dry room in the house. Please remember to pray for Puerto Rico as the recovery continues.

-Doug Reeves


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