May 2019

New School Signing in Philippines

The signing of a new agreement between SIBI and one of our international partners is a big event. It represents a commitment in time and resources that stretches from the halls and offices of our campus in Lubbock, Texas, to various halls and classrooms all around the world. Such an agreement represents SIBI’s commitment to providing the best resources and manpower available so that we can help bring about the successful training of men and women all across the regions where these agreements are made. SIBI’s years of experience and the sacrifice and commitments of those working and teaching in countries around the world, together create powerful tools for the spreading of the Gospel of Christ.

Erastus Fuentes, or ‘Jun’ as he is known in SIBI circles, is a 2018 graduate of SIBI in Lubbock. He is a native of the Philippines and the second generation of those committed to training his fellow countrymen to teach and spread the gospel in that country. His two years at school in Lubbock were spent in preparation for returning to his home country as a teacher and trainer in a partner school. Weeks and months of challenging school work were met with fervor alongside plans and preparations for returning home to begin a new school, plant a new church, and to keep a family legacy of outreach in place. After his graduation and return home, Jun worked diligently alongside other teachers and missionaries in the country to open the doors to a new church in Baguio City and to begin the first of many classes designed to meet the needs of growing Christians and of others already preaching and teaching in churches across the country.

In the closing weeks of 2018, Doug Reeves, SIBI International Dean, and Brandi Kendall, Dean of Ministry Training Asia, both representing Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, sat down with Jun as the director of Heritage Bible College in Baguio, Philippines. Together they committed to standing behind the new Filipino school and its outreach to the people and culture of the Philippines. The school plans to offer a sound curriculum providing certificate programs, and both bachelor and Master degree training. Teachers and students are already in place and first classes are full of students looking for the training found among SIBI and its worldwide partners.

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