April 2019

Leadership Retreat in Ikot Usen, Nigeria

Every year the CAO Essien Bible College in Ikot Usen, Nigeria organizes a seminar for preachers and leaders in Ibiono area.  This year there were 120 in attendance. 

As you can see they are not discouraged to attend this event even when the building at CAO Essien Bible College has no windows and only sand for the floor. They want to learn. The preachers and leaders ride their motorcycles fifteen miles or more to attend.  Many are willing to walk distances to be able to attend. The reason they make the time to attend is that there is a lot of Bible teaching with great speakers who are well trained in the word of God. Also, many who attend call it a refresher course because all the speakers teach on the important subjects of the Bible that apply to Christians today as well as Biblical times. There is also a question and answer period to deal with subjects that we not covered in the retreat.   

Emmanuel Essien plans this event every year, which so many look forward to because it is an encouragement to all the leaders and preachers within Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria. Emmanuel is already busy planning the leaders' retreat for 2019 which happens in April/May.

-Daniel Goodyear


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