March 2019

10,000 Solar Players

Summer of 2018 the 10,000th solar player was placed in the hands of Ed-Mark Delacion, in the Philippines. Ed-Mark is a young professional, living in Manila who plans to use his solar player to establish a church in his home village. He also has a second solar player to help him continue to study while he is working in Manila. When he returns to the village, the studies can be deeper and more beneficial, as the young Christians grow in their knowledge and depth of insight.

One of the goals of the Solar Mission in the Philippines is to help train the younger generation. Filipino leaders have expressed the need to provide a deeper biblical knowledge to the younger generation who are growing more and more in the Philippines. Ed-Mark's friend, Jay Dee, has been using his solar player already and confirms that the solar players help young professionals who don’t have an opportunity to attend Bible college “to participate in the mission work.” He is so happy that the solar player “is essentially a Bible school in itself.”

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