February 2019

European Vision Workshop 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia is a beautiful city on the Danube River.  It was also the site for the 2018 European Vision Workshop.  The intent of the workshop is to encourage European missionaries and congregational servants and to provide useful and practical tools for their ministry.  Four brotherhood organizations, Partners in Progress, Sunset International Bible Institute, World Bible School and World English Institute work in unison to sponsor and organize the workshop each year.  Over 120 Christians from 19 nations and 59 congregations enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement during three days in Bratislava.

The intent of the workshop is to present a vision for Europe as presented by Europeans.  Everyone enjoyed hearing about the positive growth of God’s kingdom in nations like Albania, Romania, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, and England.  They also enjoyed presentations from a few Americans such as Keith Lancaster and Dr. Sandra Hazelip.  

Mark your calendar now for our 2019 European Vision Workshop to be held the first week of October.  

-Doug Reeves


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