Remote Classroom

The remote classroom participate with the residential school

One of the ways that Sunset International Bible Institute has expanded its ministry is through the recent addition of interactive video teleconferencing. This technology allows students in a "remote classroom" to take part in the actual classes being taught at our residential studies campus in Lubbock.

Through a live broadband internet connection, remote classroom students can see and interact with the instructors as they teach, and instructors can in turn see the students thousands of miles away and interact with them. The result is that the instructor can teach and interact with both the students in the classroom here in Lubbock and the students in the remote classroom, all as if they were in only one location together. This makes it possible for students in remote locations to join us in studying God's word just as though they were resident students in Lubbock, but without the costs and difficulties of actually relocating to Lubbock.

Through this arrangement, we are able to offer the entire two years of Bible training being received by students at our facility in Lubbock. Those who complete the classes and requirements receive the same graduation certificate from SIBI that our resident students in Lubbock receive.

Seattle, Washington

In 2007, Seattle became the location of SIBI's second remote classroom facility. The same classes that were already being transmitted live to the northeast, are also be transmitted to Seattle, WA. This distance learning extension of SIBI is directed by Dr. Ken Wilson. Find out more about SIBI Northwest.


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