Takin' It to the Street

“Take this message to my brother

You will find him everywhere

Wherever people live together

Tied in poverty's despair”

handing out glow sticks during street preaching at night.

These lyrics, penned by Michael McDonald in the 70’s, are portrayed in this photograph.  Za’Leigh Pittam, from Artesia, NM, is connecting with one of the girls who attended our VBS on the island of Antigua.  This is our sixth year to minister alongside the St. John’s Church of Christ and “Zales” third DiscipleTrip. Antigua is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and often think of it as a tourist destination or prize you might win on Wheel of Fortune.  Once you get past resorts and beaches, you see the truth that McDonald sings about.  Most people of this island live in poverty and despair.

This photo was taken as we were “takin’ it to the streets,” but what we were taking was the gospel!  This is one of our favorite activities—street preaching.  The local church selects a poor neighborhood where some of our members live.  We arrive at dusk and start singing and mixing with the folks who come out to see what’s going on.  As the crowd gathers, we also give out glow sticks that we place around our necks.  The kids love it and all the adults want one, too!  It’s always fun to share the love of Christ in the sermon and in song. In fact, we should probably start to call this a “street party!”  We create a positive, friendly environment where we convey the love of Christ in a beautiful way to any all who will listen.

We started doing this on Wednesday nights a few years ago when we thought we should be out where the PEOPLE are instead of cloistered in the church building.  It’s also great because many of our young men have stepped out of their comfort zone, to proclaim their love for Christ and encourage others to do the same.  Next year, we’ll be going back in June.  Wouldn’t you love being part of something so special?  The good news is YOU CAN!  Visit discipletrips.com to learn more.

Antigua team

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