Minister (Full Time or Part Time)

Valliant Church of Christ

The Valliant Church of Christ is searching for a Minister. We are open to both full time and part time employment. The congregation in Valliant has a Sunday attendance of approximately 60. The town of Valliant has a population of approximately 750 and lies in beautiful Southeast Oklahoma.

Our current minister, who has been here 16 years, is moving so his wife can accept a promotion and pursue a great opportunity to serve the underserved.

The minister at Valliant will work with church leadership to:
1) nurture the spiritual development of Valliant's church family through love, prayer, service, example, Biblical teaching, encouragement, and the development of spiritual relationships;
2) promote an emphasis for growing the kingdom through local and remote evangelistic efforts; and
3) foster an attitude of love and service to the surrounding community, including reaching out to the impoverished and disenfranchised.

Responsibilities include:
1) Oversight, coordination, and planning for Sunday morning and Sunday evening worship services to ensure all is done orderly, in truth, in spirit, and to God’s glory;
2) Preparation and delivery of Biblical sermons on Sunday mornings and evenings, and at other times as set by church leadership;
3) Coordinate teaching of an adult Bible class on Wednesday nights;
4) Substitute teaching of adult Bible classes on Sunday mornings as necessary;
5) Occasional teaching of children’s classes and Women’s monthly fellowships;
6) Conducting funerals and weddings as requested;
7) Hospital and shut-in visitation, with participation and assistance from the congregation;
8) Address benevolence requests, with assistance from church leadership;
9) Participate in monthly business meetings;
10) Work with church leadership to equip and inspire the Valliant family to take increasing responsibility for, and ownership of, various aspects of this job description as the congregation grows and matures over time.

Salary: Negotiable

You may mail your résumé to:
Valliant Church of Christ
PO Box 252
Valliant, OK 74764

Or email Tracy Mussett, at mussett@gmail.com.

Questions may be directed to Tracy Mussett at (405) 999-6543

Part time minister

Yale Church of Christ

Our small congregation is looking for a part time minister who will join our commitment to loving God, loving others, and making and maturing disciples.

The minister will be involved in community outreach, preaching, and teaching to meet the needs of our entire church family....children, youth, adults, and seniors.


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