Youth Minister

Crosspointe Church of Christ

Hours: Full Time Type: Youth Minister Marital Status: Married preferred
Date open: January 1st 2018 Deadline to apply: November 1st 2018
Qualifications: 4 year degree (Bible major pref. w/ Youth Ministry minor) & Youth Ministry experience is preferred.
Job Description:
I. Highest priority – The primary purpose of the Youth Minister is to work alongside parents and adult volunteers to introduce young people to Jesus Christ. Help young people understand, through example and teaching, how to live out Jesus’ teachings. Help foster authentic spiritual growth within each young person through spiritual disciplines. Train and equip young people, with their skills and spiritual gifts in mind, to effectively serve Christ and others. Create an environment in which young people can safely and freely express their faith and doubts. Partner with God in nurturing our teenagers to full maturity in Christ.

II. Administrative Expectations:
A. The Minister will attend weekly church elders and deacons meetings.
B. The Minister will attend periodic staff meetings.
C. The Minister will develop and present a yearly budget proposal to the deacon board.
D. The Minister will work within the budget given to him barring any unforeseen circumstances.
E. The Minister will work a minimum of 40 hours a week.
F. The Minister will attend all Youth Team planning meetings and help/support schedule of activities developed by the Youth Team.
G. The Minister will provide resources to families to utilize for family devotional times.

III. Work Expectations:
A. Minister Presence
1. Visit, as allowed, each high school and middle school represented in the Youth Ministry twice a year.
2. Attend extracurricular activities of each student in the Youth Ministry as they are made known.
3. Visit, as allowed, each student’s home once a year to build relationships with each family.
4. Make visits to hospitals, nursing homes and funeral homes when the visit is Youth Ministry related.
5. Support other church ministries’ activities to help further cohesive ministry groups.
6. Be at all church services and events that are pertinent to the young people in the Youth Ministry.
B. Minister Leadership
1. Bible classes and Youth group gatherings
- Teach a Youth/Teen Sunday morning class three quarters each year.
- Work with the Youth Team to develop the curriculum.
- Assist and prepare activities and devotionals as well as being present for classes.
- Assist and prepare service outreach activities on a regular basis.
2. Merge Pointe group
- Work to make sure that teens are being included in the Merge Pointe group their family attends.
- Maintain a Youth Merge Pointe that meets at a time and place convenient to the group at the time.
3. Special activities
- Along with the youth committee, communicate and delegate responsibilities for events as appropriate to adult volunteers and teens.
- See to it that all plans (quarterly, one month before the start of the quarter) are published on multiple platforms and mediums so that all involved are aware of the plans.
- Work with area congregations to plan coordinated youth activities throughout the year.
4. Internet Presence
- Keep the Youth Ministry portion of the church website up to date.
- Use multiple forms of online communication including but not limited to social media, texting and email.
5. Youth Ministry Team
- Along with the team, evaluate the youth ministry goals in light of the mission and vision set forth by the Elders.
6. Personal Development
- Pursue personal growth and development through training, conferences and college courses.
- Network with other ministers in our community to grow through the exchange of ideas.
- Take time to rest and tend to your inner spiritual world to continue to effectively serve the body of Christ.
Salary Range: $30,000 (negotiable)
Benefits: Health Insurance Assistance, Paid Holidays, Two Weeks Paid Vacation
Contact: Deacon Fred Cockerham can be reached at 513-435-1245 or ccockerham@sbcglobal.net
Church contact information: Crosspointe Church of Christ, 5630 State Route 122, Franklin, Ohio, 45005
Phone: 513-423-0188 Website: www.crosspointecoc.org


Caledonia Church of Christ

The Caledonia Church of Christ in Caledonia, Ohio is seeking a full time minister. We are an elder led church that is seeking a person who is well versed in the doctrine of the Restoration Movement led church. Those interested in finding out more information are asked to check out our website and click on the minister search lead.


Vermilion Church of Christ


The Vermilion Church of Christ located in Vermilion Ohio is a non-instrumental congregation seeking a full time preacher to work with its members. Vermilion is located on the shores of Lake Erie and is home to two major festivals each year. Our congregation numbers around 50 ranging in age from 7yrs.old to 90yrs. old. We are seeking a confident and strong evangelist to equip the saints who meet here with the skills to take the Gospel to its neighbors. Being in the Northern part of the country is not an easy position so the applicant must be strong in the faith with experience in evangelism, family counseling, gospel meetings, and communication. We are expecting the preacher to be about the community to give exposure to the church which assembles here. We are not expecting him to do it alone but to work with us to accomplish the goal of bringing the Gospel to our local community. The successful applicant will be given the chance and opportunity to help organize and officiate our gospel meetings as well as speak at others as he has opportunity. The preacher will also have the opportunity to speak at the area wide lectureship held in Lorain Ohio every year.
• Preaching
• Counseling
• Gospel meetings
• Evangelism
• Adult and teenage classes
• Equipping the saints
• Instruction
• Community outreach
• Visiting the sick (physical or spiritual)
Compensation package:
The applicant chosen will be provided with a 4 bedroom 2 bath house on the property in which the church building is located. We expect the family to treat this home as their own and exercise good stewardship of the benefits provided.
Salary will be $700.00 U.S. dollars per week. Federal state and local taxes will be the responsibility of the preacher. We will also give a monthly allowance of $300.00 for utilities.
Vacation will be on a years of service schedule. The incumbent will be given 2 weeks of vacation in years 1-3 and given one week every two years thereafter not to exceed 5 weeks. He will also be provided the opportunity for additional days to perform gospel meetings, training, or missionary work as needed. We believe in teaching the Gospel at all opportunities and are flexible to help make this possible.

Interested applicants will be asked to fill out a doctrinal questionaire as well as submit a resume and 2-3 samples of sermons (video or audio).

All questions and correspondence can be directed to Noah Meade at 440-371-6818 or nmcm05@gmail.com


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