New Mexico

Full time Minister

Rio Rancho Church of Christ

The Rio Rancho Church of Christ is seeking a full-time minister devoted to the love of our Lord and for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a group of about 80 with a wide diversity of ages, backgrounds and talents who desire to grow in faith, strength and numbers. Please submit your resume, contact information, salary requirements, three references and two of your most recent recorded sermons on DVD or flash/thumb drive. Please mail to Rio Rancho Church of Christ, 1006 22nd Street SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Email inquiries may go to Alan Steinle at

Youth and Family Minister

Netherwood Park Church of Christ


To offer the best support we can to our youth (emphasis on 6th through 12th grade) in becoming committed disciples of Christ.

Job Responsibilities:


-Prepare and present age-appropriate material in a variety of settings including Bible classes, camps, one on one studies, retreats, and small groups, stressing the application of God’s Word
-Recruit, support, and equip volunteers from the congregation and outside resources to assist in teaching responsibilities as necessary
-Develop curriculum that complements material being presented in other areas of the church (for example: elementary age children, college ministry, education initiatives for the church as a whole, etc.)
-Teaching responsibilities include equipping of parents, caregivers, and families, not just youth
-Both formal and informal continuing education is important to ensure that the Youth and Family Minister is growing in his knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible and able to teach effectively

Relationship Building:
-Develop and strengthen the following relationships (not an exhaustive list):
-Participants in the youth ministry and their friends
-Parents with children in the youth ministry
-Facilitate strong relationships among peers in the youth ministry as well as other members of the congregation
-Families in the congregation
-Activities designed to build relationships may include: one on one meetings (to include Bible study), regular communication, attendance at non-church-related events (athletic, academic, etc.), and others
-Service to the congregation and outside community should be part of the relationship building efforts
-Care should be taken to avoid making the minister the exclusive role-model or contact for mentorship
-Intentional relationships should include mentorship, accountability, spiritual growth, and encouragement to help everyone involved walk closer with Jesus

Equipping Youth and Families:
-Helping parents/caregivers relate to the youth
-Helping children relate to parents and caregivers
-Providing resources and support to help in parenting, spiritual development, accountability, etc.
-Encourage families to play an active role in the spiritual development of one another
-Offering support during tough times: death, addiction, divorce, etc.

Facilitate Activities
-Mission trips
-Service projects
-Bible studies
-Social events
-Specific tasks might include: coordinating with facilities, scheduling, transportation communication, registration forms, payment, recruiting chaperones, etc.

-Attendance at church leadership meetings
-Work with church leadership to develop goals and a plan to achieve those goals
-Share in the work of the overall ministry team of the church
-Maintain office hours in support of the ministry team and church functions
-Give proper attention to safety, financial stewardship, etc. Be above reproach in sensitive areas.
-It is anticipated that this position will require a variety of work hours each week, including time spent at congregational and youth activities

Desired Qualifications
-Passion for youth and family ministry
-College degree
-At least 5 years of active participation and/or leadership in youth and family ministry
-Organizational and communication skills
-Bilingual a plus

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