Sunset Church of Christ, Madera

The Sunset Ave., Church of Christ, Madera California, is seeking a person for the position of preacher/evangelist.

Madera is in the Central San Joaquin Valley, 20 miles north of Fresno.

The congregation numbers 150, and is organized with elders and deacons. We hold to the doctrine commonly held among churches of Christ.

The person selected will work in concert with the leadership of the congregation and the mission of the church. His work will include preaching, teaching Bible classes, working with youth, and other assignments as appropriate.

The congregation supports an active Spanish language program locally as well as in -part missions in Ethiopia, Nicaragua and the World Bible school.

Salary and fringe benefits are negotiable.

Contact: Grady Billington, Sunset Ave., Church of Christ, 600 Orchard Avenue Madera, CA 93637.

Full-time Minister Position

Quartz Hill Church of Christ, Quartz Hill, CA

The Quartz Hill Church of Christ is seeking a full-time minister. The position will be open in May as our current minister is moving to Singapore to work with SIBI-Singapore. The congregation is predominantly older, conservative and traditional, and numbers approximately 75 members. We desire a biblically sound, but not legalistic individual who can help us grow in our community. We have housing available (a two bedroom duplex). Salary is negotiable.
Please send your resume to or to the Quartz Hill Church of Christ, 5029 West Avenue L12, Quartz Hill, CA 93536.
You may also call the church office at 661-722-9472, or may contact Don Raines at 661-951-0774 for more information.


Church of Christ, Lemoore

The Church of Christ in Lemoore, California, is searching for a minister. Our previous minister, Vernon Garretson, has retired after serving this congregation for 42 years. Lemoore is a town of about 25,000 population located in the center of California, about 30 miles south of Fresno. The town is surrounded by agriculture, dairies, and the large Naval Air Station.

We are a small, conservative congregation consisting of faithful and loving Christians who meet for sermons Sunday morning and evening, and for bible class and/or devotionals on Wednesday night. Our music is a cappella singing, and we honor our Lord and Savior by partaking of communion every Sunday. We also help to financially support several mission fields.

We believe that we can financially support either a young preacher starting his career or a retiree who would like extra income.

Craig Case, Elder - 559-380-6470


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