Phase III Complete!!

Two years of fund-raising are complete, and 3,000 solar players have been delivered. Thank you to every one of you who made this the largest phase yet in the Solar Mission to Send the Light. Dozens of trips have been made throughout Central & South America and to Spanish-speaking islands in the Caribbean to help the Spanish-speaking churches to grow through their evangelism and their depth of Bible study. Thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ have been encouraged and emboldened to spread the Kingdom of God with the assistance they now have from the Solar Players.

Minister/Community Evangelist

Rawlins Church of Christ

Small congregation made up all ages from young families to senior citizens, in community of 9,000, seeks a pulpit preacher/teacher who would continue and expand what we currently offer to our congregation and community.
Housing provided, modest salary, all in wonderful Wyoming where outdoor adventure is just out the door.
View the website at
Send resume, references, and sermon tapes, CDs, digital files to:
Rawlins Church of Christ, PO Box 2098, Rawlins, WY 82301 or email:



The Roscoe church of Christ has an opening for a full-time pulpit minister after the decision of our current minister to retire from full-time ministry after serving 11 years with us.  We are a small congregation, Sunday attendance averaging 95 to 105 in attendance, with a big heart and big ambitions. 

Currently we have three doctrinally sound men serving as elders and six good men serving as deacons along with very supportive and serving wives. The church is a thriving close knit congregation united in spirit and love.  It consists of many young families with children, empty nesters and senior saints. 

The congregation is certainly mission minded supporting work in the Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Guatemala, Grayling Michigan and the Wallace prison unit in Colorado City, TX.

Our local work not only includes individual efforts, but a Wednesday night program that has reached out to our Roscoe community children and teens.  We have recently begun a live stream of our Sunday morning worship on Facebook which has had up to 200 hundred views per service. For many years now have participated in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) for the growth of our children and teens and actually adults as well.

Minister responsibilities would include preaching Sunday morning and night, Wednesday adult class and or teaching as part of rotation, helping with Wednesday night children's program, LTC, visitation and weekly bulletin article.  Some computer/technology skills would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. 

Minister yearly salary is competitive and negotiable and benefits include a 3-bedroom parsonage with fully paid utilities, mileage, 2-week vacation, 1 additional week with travel allowance for approved lectureship attendance yearly.

Check us out at our website and Facebook--

To be considered for the work at Roscoe: Submit a cover letter, CV and a link to a recent archived sermon (or file) to


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